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Solana Price Prediction: Will SOL Recover to $100? Yes, But These 3 Coins Will Pump Faster (AiDoge, Launchpad, LHINU)

Solana price
Solana price

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With the Solana markets still in an uncertain position, many cryptocurrency investors are unsure if it’s time to sell in order to prevent further losses or wait in the hope the market will soon rebound.

The FTX crisis caused significant price drops for Solana. But the SOL token was able to bounce back in January 2023, and many investors are now speculating as to whether Solana (SOL) will eventually reach its predicted price of $100.

With Solana’s clarity, it is indicated that other popular coins with large returns, such as AiDoge, Launchpad, and LHINU, would be a better choice. The current market circumstances offer some compelling chances for those who are eager to add some cryptocurrency to their portfolio while prices are still well below their all-time highs.

Solana Prediction – Will SOL Reach $100?

Solana could reach $100 in future. The new blockchain platform Solana is focused on scalability and speed. The cost of the SOL on the Solana network went from little under $10 at the beginning of the year to $24 at the end of January. In just January, the price rose by more than 100%. The SOL price bounced back after the FTX crash, however, it is currently 23 USD, which is still substantially below where it was before the crash.

The price of the SOL token may increase significantly during the next several weeks. Sharp gains above $50 are probable if the market stays optimistic. The next sum Solana would aim for is $100.

Will Solana Reach $100 in 2023?

We are still in a bearish period on the long term. Solana predicts good things for the upcoming months. The cryptocurrency market saw a significant increase in price in the first half of 2019 as well. In 2023, this tendency seems to continue. In this situation, the cost of Solana might soar by the summer. Losses would occur again in the Altcoin courses, though. Therefore, we do not think that a rate of $100 in 2023 is realistic. By the end of 2023, we’re relying on a Solana forecast of approximately $45.

It is important to emphasise that it is a very speculative token, at least ever since it became known that Sam Bankman and Javier Solana were working together. Due to yet another such piece of news, the token may experience a huge rise but also a significant decline.

Top 3 Alternative Coins To Solana- AiDoge, Launchpad, and LHINU.

Even though the cryptocurrency markets have, up until this point, always recoiled back from their downs, every bear market has its “casualties” who are often difficult to recover and predict. Picking high-return potential crypto projects that stand a strong chance of surviving the bear market and prospering in the future is crucial and also wise.

Listed below are the top alternative coins to Solana that one can invest in 2023:-

AIDoge – Best Coin to Invest in 2023

AiDoge continues to scale the crypto market after the opening of the presale on April 26. It makes it among the top in the list of new projects for investment.

AiDoge is an innovative crypto project ecosystem that uses sophisticated AI to produce high-quality, exciting, timely, and relevant memes in order to disrupt the conventional meme-generating process Integrating the ideas of memes and artificial intelligence. On this Web3 platform, users can create and share memes and earn cryptocurrency rewards. All transactions and activities are facilitated via the platform’s $AI token, which was created on Ethereum. The platform’s inclusion of AI-driven memes is noteworthy and a strategy for adjusting to the constantly evolving crypto industry.

AiDoge better than Solana

The AiDoge presale is currently underway. Within 24 hours of its opening, the presale had raised an impressive $100K, and that sum has since increased. At the current price of $0.0000268, the presale had raised $1,383,620.38. Currently, 1 $AI will cost you $0.0000268 until the next price comes up, which is $0.0000272.

Users can buy credits to make memes and get $AI tokens as prizes for winning meme competitions or taking part in meme voting. The $AI tokens are currently in the second stage of the presale, having raised $691,106 in just one week and currently standing at $1.3 million. ($LPX)

Launchpad XYZ is a brand-new Web3 cryptocurrency project that will go live in the third quarter of 2023, soon after the current presale has ended. By making the entire user experience more hospitable, inclusive, and simple to use, this innovative cryptocurrency project seeks to humanise how people interact with the Web3 environment.

The Launchpad ecosystem consists of Play-to-Earn hubs, decentralised exchanges, metaverse experiences, and NFTs. These components have been combined using an AI-driven strategy that could have significant advantages for those who act quickly. In its first presale round at, the platform’s native token, $LPX, has already raised $175k.

Launchpad XYZ buy

Over $175k has already been raised for Launchpad through a presale on the website. This much being raised in such a short length of time is ominous for what is ahead. The $LPX native token of the project has solid fundamentals.

The listing price is $0.070, and the presale price is set at 0.035 at the first stage. Additionally, Launchpad intends to end the presale in quarter two of 2023, as stated in the official whitepaper. If that happens, and assuming the macroeconomic environment is favourable for the market’s expansion, we can anticipate this token rising as high as $0.1 by the end of 2023.

Love Hate INU ($LHINU)

Love Hate Inu is a meme token which provides users the chance to vote on trending issues and be compensated for their views. Users of the platform can voice their opinions on current events, popular culture, and social issues while also participating in a supportive community. The voting process is fair, transparent, and secure thanks to the use of blockchain technology in its construction. The platform’s main function is the creation of meme polls, for which producers will receive LHINU tokens as payment.

love hate Inu

All operations and transactions on the Love-Hate Inu platform are driven by the native token LHINU. The last stage is currently sold out. The presale for Love Hate Inu was successful, earning more than $11 million, exceeding the presale target of $10.2 million. The coin is still accessible to purchase at the sale price of 1 $LHINU = 0.000145 USDT until the exchange listing.

LHINU is a meme coin, but it also seeks to be useful in the actual world. As a result, it differs from other meme coins in some ways.

AiDoge - New Meme to Earn Crypto


  • CertiK Audited
  • Generate Memes with AI Text Prompts
  • Staking Rewards, Voting, Creator Benefits
  • Upcoming Exchange Listings

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