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SOL Meme Coin Sealana ICO Races To $1,230,000 As Savvy Investors Jump Aboard

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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As the Solana price sets its sights on $200, it is meme coins like Sealana ($SEAL) that are making a splash, as its presale accelerates towards the finish line.

Sealana has raised $1,230,000, with no sign that the appetite for SOL meme coins is letting up. The opportunity to catch a swim with the next big thing in Solana meme coins is too good to miss.

Selling at a fixed price of $0.022, the new meme coin can be bought with SOL, ETH, USDT or USDC, as well as a fiat option using a bank card.

From $WIF to new breed $MANEKI, Solana-based meme coins are all the rage as the Layer 1 Solana chain demonstrates a stability that was lacking in its earlier days and an efficiency and cheapness of transactions that threatens to leave Ethereum struggling to compete.

Since March 12 Solana has been consistently outperforming both Bitcoin and Ethereum, as the chart below shows:

Notable antecedents to Sealana include both SLERF and newer slitherer Slothana ($SLOTH). The latter, in the space of a month, raised $15 million in its presale. 

Trading on Raydium and centralized exchanges Poloniex and with a top-10 exchange rumored to be named this week, SLOTH recently hit an all-time high of $0.056. 

Slothana token’s price appreciation is in no small part due to a token-burning mechanism that kicks in each time the price puts on another 1 cent. 

Although there are similarities between the approach of $SLOTH and $SEAL, which has led some to surmise that the two may have related teams, the fact that $SLOTH breached the $100m market cap on Tuesday won’t have gone unnoticed by $SEAL buyers. 


Sealana, Part Of Solana’s New Wave Of Meme Coins

Meme coins continue to lead the crypto pack and that’s good news for those who have joined the Sealana colony.

$SLOTH is up 26% so far today, valued at $0.0451. $CWIF (CatWifHat) is up 38% at $0.0000007759, and Book of Meme ($BOME) is printing $0.0123, at 15% higher. $SLERF, which famously managed to burn a chunk of its supply allocated to presale buyers, is not going anywhere, up 15% at $0.310. 

Elsewhere, a relative old-stager $BONK, the leader of the first wave of successful Solana meme coins, is 10% the better at $0.0000252. 

Over on the Base chain, $SHIBA is priced at $0.001805, up a chunky 30%. Meanwhile, $BONE is advancing 11% to $0.633 and four-month-old Solana darling $PONKE is climbing 14% to $0.245.

YouTubers like presale expert Jacob Crypto Bury have Sealana right up there among the top picks for 100x returns.

Media convergence in, Crypto Potato, The Economic Times and Cryptonews shows that the word is spreading fast, hence the quickening run rate for the presale. 

Solana’s Rapid Growth Is Great News For Sealana

If Sealana buyers need further confirmation that they are in the right place to find outsized return on investment, then a quick run through of the Solana Q1 report should get investors into a joyous flap.

In the three months to the start of April, Solana’s average DEX trading volume increased 319% quarter on quarter to $1.5 billion. 

This is a reflection of Solana becoming the go-to destination for retail and, in particular, meme coin traders and investors.

According to Messari, projects built primarily on Solana raised $89.2 million in the first quarter of 2024 – that works out to $2.5 million more than the amount raised in the whole of 2023.

On the protocol side, the ecosystem launched its much-heralded token extensions technology, which makes SPL tokens even more configurable and useful. Extensions have been taken up enthusiastically by a number of stablecoin issuers, notably Paxos.

The broader Solana ecosystem is expanding too. A new developer shop called Anza has been well received as has the founding of Colosseum, dedicated to encouraging the growth and adoption of Solana.

Although there are still some teething pains given that Solana did have its first outage in almost a year, related to a legacy loader issue, it has done nothing to slow down the growth momentum of the chain. 

Indeed, the fact that usage has mushroomed, yet the network coped admirably, underscores its stability and approaching readiness for commercial prime time.

Sealana And Dogeverse Lead The Way Forward For Meme Coins

Sealana does not profess to be anything other than a meme coin. However, its potential to achieve virality demonstrates the solidity of the Solana technology. 

Its future success will also show how Solana can become the scaffolding that holds up highly engaged meme coin networks such as Sealana, able to sustain realtime decentralized value-transfer interactions that could end up encompassing hundreds of thousands of users.

Sealana is fun, will likely explode in value and could be the future of meme coins that grow from pups into sea lions. 

Another coin alpha-hungry traders like the look of is the new multichain darling Dogeverse, which is taking meme coins in new directions with its six-chain bringing unrivaled interoperability to the scene. 

It is definitely worth a contribution, but after raising $15 million in double-quick time, Dogeverse is now in an oversale stage which means it could close at any time after already achieving its stated hard cap target. A listing will likely be coming in the next week or so. $DOGEVERSE is priced in its presale at $0.0003.

Buy Sealana at the official website here.  

Follow the latest developments on Sealana’s X account and Telegram channel.

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