SIMBA Launches Payment App on Stellar Network

SIMBA, a blockchain-as-a-service startup, has released what it calls a payment app for users to take advantage of on the Stellar Lumens blockchain network, according to a press release from the group.

The goal with this network is to allow users to “quickly and securely create wallets for blockchain operations” which should greatly increase adoption of the technology. “SIMBA Chain enables seamless utilization and integration of blockchain technology to bolster trust, security, and risk mitigation for enterprise and government,” the release continues, “and now these core features are available to developers looking to make a payment system that incorporates low fees, cross-border functionality, and industry-leading security.

The platform not only allows clients to take advantage of blockchain technology, but also to ensure that other third-party platforms can take advantage of the network as well, the release also notes.

This should increase adoption, assuming that all of these systems will be interchangeable.

Speaking on the matter is Joel Neidig, the CEO of SIMBA Chain, who said:

“We believe our technology stack provides a unique advantage for developers. SIMBA’s world-class developer tools have already made cloud-based dapps easier to create than ever and provide transparency and verification for complex digital workflows. It’s never been easier to jump into this exciting space, no matter where you are in your developer journey.”

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