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Shytoshi Kusama Mocks BitBoy For A Transaction Mistake

Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu

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Ben Armstrong, a.k.a Bitboy, made a transaction mistake attracting reactions from several Twitter users. One of the notable reactions came from Shiba Inu’s lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, mocking him for the incident. 

Armstrong mistakenly revealed his inability to complete a sell transaction which was shocking to many, given how vocal he is about crypto-related issues. Even though the mistakes were negligible, BitBoy’s popularity made the incident very significant.

An NFT Enthusiast Revealed BitBoy’s Mistakes

A pseudonymous NFT enthusiast and the Treeverse founder, Loopify, exposed Bitboy’s inability to complete a SELL transaction. 

In the conversion Loopify shared, BitBoy hinted that many people called him about red flags in a meme coin he held, WallStreetBets Classic (WSBC)

Due to the issues, BiBoy tried to sell his holdings and approved a contract but didn’t make the sell transaction, leaving the coins in his wallet. 

As a result, the influencer thought there was an issue with the coin asking if there was a tax or rule about getting out. In his words, “the transaction says approved, zero coins leaves wallet with no ETH coming in.”

While responding to the tweet, Shiba Inu, lead developer, “laughed out aloud,” stating that he rests his case and calling BitBoy “your honors.”

Past Issues Between BitBoy And Kusama

Notably, the Shiba Inu developer and BitBoy have had a series of disagreements on Twitter. At one time, BitBoy threatened Dox, the developer, due to the controversy around the Shibarium code mimicking Rinia’s. 

Since the SHIB developer’s identity was hidden, Bitboy’s threat attracted a lot of buzz. He even released a video the next day saying that a pseudonymous Unification creator, Neyma was Shytoshi. 

However, many individuals debunked his claims, and even Shytoshi Kusuma called him out for spreading FUD about SHIB. 

Due to these issues, BitBoy’s enthusiasm, and full participation in crypto, many people were surprised he failed to complete a simple sell order. 

A Twitter user even responded to the incident implying that BitBoy has been in crypto for years but couldn’t execute a trade. According to the user, BitBoy needed to execute the trade after approval for the process to occur. 

Notably, BitBoy later shared a tweet disclosing he financially succeeded and sold a small amount to make sure that $WSBC was okay. 

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