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Shiba Inu lead Shytoshi Kusama says that ShibaSwap 2.0 is coming

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Shiba Inu lead Shytoshi Kusama says that ShibaSwap 2.0 is coming
Shiba Inu lead Shytoshi Kusama says that ShibaSwap 2.0 is coming

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The Shiba Inu community recently received some exciting news from the project lead, Shytoshi Kusama, which also reflected slightly on the project’s price. Talking to the community on Telegram, the project lead hinted at the upcoming arrival of ShibaSwap 2.0, saying that community members should ignore everything that says otherwise.

The announcement caused a lot of excitement among the project’s community, as mentioned. Many in the community are eager to see new features and improvements in the upgraded platform.

What is ShibaSwap?

ShibaSwap is the Shiba Inu-based decentralized exchange (DEX), which allows users to trade several cryptocurrencies — specifically those operating within the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Assets like SHIB, BONE, and LEASH are all available and paired against one another for easy swaps.

ShibaSwap initially saw a launch in July 2021 — nearly two years ago. Since then, it has seen quite a lot of traffic, becoming a major player in the DeFi sector. Apart from offering access to the meme coin’s leading tokens, it also features a very user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for newcomers to navigate and use the platform. Other than that, there are also several unique features for the project’s users, such as staking, liquidity provision, and alike.

With all of that available, ShibaSwap quickly became a popular DEX with a dedicated user base that was very excited to hear that the platform’s v2.0 is about to arrive, hopefully in the near future.

What does ShibaSwap 2.0 mean for the DEX?

Of course, Shytoshi Kusama only hinted at the platform’s arrival without going into details about when exactly it will be ready for launch or what changes it will bring. As far as the project’s community is concerned, they expect the upgrade to bring a whole range of innovations and enhancements.

As for what this includes, specifically, the community wishes to see some things, such as significantly improved security measures. Faster transaction speeds are also highly desirable, and so is expanded support for the tokens that ShibSwap would offer. The community wishes to see the exchange expand into a bigger, faster, more secure platform.

While the unofficial ShibSwap 2.0 announcement is a big move for Shiba Inu, it is not the only development the project has recently experienced. There have been a few other noteworthy changes over the last several months, such as the release of the beta version of the Shibarium Layer 2 solution. The new solution is meant to make transactions faster and cheaper than before.

Apart from that, the project also managed to hit several more adoption milestones. The ShibaSwap 2.0 upgrade will help cement Shiba Inu’s presence in the DeFi space even further.


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