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Scorpion Casino Spreads the Love With Exclusive Valentine’s Day Bonus For Its Revenue-Sharing Platform, Causing a Buzz Ahead of Exchange Listing

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Scorpion Casino ($SCORP) continues to spread the love after announcing its exclusive Valentine’s Day bonus offer for its revenue-sharing platform.

The announcement is causing a frenzy amongst investors as they anticipate a lower entry price into $SCORP through the 35% bonus offered.

With an exchange listing announcement expected in the next two days, a palpable buzz is felt as investors anticipate their passive income earnings once the token launches.

Scorpion Casino Causing Palpable Buzz Ahead of Exchange Listing – $4.1 Million Raised

The buzz around Scorpion Casino continues to grow as the presale raises an astonishing $4.1 million from investors.

Investors are rushing to get positioned as early adopters in $SCORP as they want to earn a passive income through its revenue-sharing model.

Scorpion Casino provides all its holders with a passive income source generated through revenues earned on its platform.

As the casino becomes more popular and its adoption grows, the passive income provided through its revenue-sharing will also grow.

Furthermore, the revenue-sharing model also incorporates deflation into the ecosystem, ensuring scarcity and value appreciation for the token.

Why Is Scorpion Casino Generating So Much Hype?

The platform is generating so much hype after investors realize its passive income model is functioning correctly.

Scorpion Casino has been profitable for over a year and paid out well over $100,000 in passive income streams to $SCORP holders.

Some lucky users are earning thousands through the revenue-sharing model;

The passive income is paid in USDT, and users can expect their distributions once the $SCORP token goes live on exchanges.

Furthermore, Scorpion Casino continues to gain attention due to its high-profile backers pushing the project.

For example, Scorpion Casino is partnered with Tenset, a high-profile crypto incubator that has helped several presale projects achieve 100x growth following their launch.

Tenset pushed Meta Hero into the top 250-ranked projects following its presale, and investors believe they can provide similar returns to $SCORP.

Additionally, Scorpion Casino is already a fully licensed platform, with credentials from the Curacao eGaming licensing entity. This makes the platform fair and transparent and means investors won’t have to worry about regulatory scrutiny later.

Finally, Scorpion Casino is a highly polished platform, providing over 200 professional games to its players through major gaming partners such as AMATIC and Evolution,

Passive Income Through Revenue-Sharing – A New Wave of Income

Scorpion Casino is introducing a new wave of income to the Web3 market through revenue sharing.

The best part about the passive income is that it’s entirely uncorrelated to the market movements, meaning it won’t diminish if the crypto market turns bearish. Furthermore, it also incorporates deflation into the ecosystem, helping the token become more scarce over time.

The team will use a share of the revenues generated on the platform to buy back $SCORP tokens from the open market.

These buybacks help to provide a source of demand for the market, helping to stabilize prices for $SCORP.

The team will then send half of the tokens purchased to $SCORP stakers on the network, providing them a passive income.

The other half is then sent to a burner wallet to be removed from circulation, creating deflation in the ecosystem.

According to experts, the combination of a rising demand and a falling supply creates a scenario where the value of $SCORP should consistently increase.

Valentine’s Day Bonus Provides Final Presale Opportunity

The newly announced Valentine’s Day Bonus provides the perfect opportunity to get positioned in $SCORP during its final stages.

The presale isn’t expected to last much longer, with the team scheduled to announce its first exchange listing in the coming 48 hours.

The Valentine’s Day Bonus provides buyers with a 35% bonus on top of their purchase if they quote the bonus code “VAL35” during their purchase.

The Valentine’s Day offer will run for 72 hours, starting from 4 PM UTC today until 4 PM UTC on February 16th.

With the presale price currently sitting at $0.029, the Valentine’s Day Bonus allows you to get entered at a lower price in the final days of the presale.

Overall, Scorpion Casino is changing the game with its revenue-sharing model and is expected to launch with a buzz on exchanges in the coming weeks. The Valentine’s Day Bonus provides the perfect entry opportunity before it launches.

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