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Safe moon Inu Records a Price Hike, But Another Token Overtakes it by Utility

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Safemoon Inu
Safemoon Inu

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Within the last two years, memecoins have managed to outperform almost every cryptocurrency category. Since the start of 2021, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have managed to dominate almost every single one of these tokens. However, the same cannot be said now, when the tokens are trading at less than 80% of their value during peak price periods.

While there has been a significant decrease in the introduction of memecoins or growth within them, some tokens have managed to hold on. One token that has managed to garner some fame due to its uptrend since the last month has been Safe moon Inu, the name of which is most likely derived from the two popular tokens Safemoon and Shiba Inu.

About Safemoon Inu and its recent pump

Launched way back in 2021, Safemoon Inu was introduced amidst the memecoin explosion. While there were several factors that contributed to its growth back then, the popularity of almost every meme token during that period was what immediately made it a 100X token.

However, like every other memecoin, Safemoon Inu crashed too, and substantially so, as the native token SMI fell more than 90% from its value during peak periods. While the downtrend had been continuous for a bit, it changed rather quickly since August, when the token showed signs of revival again.

SMI was trading at around $0.0000023 before it started moving up on the 29th of August. The token then managed to grow in value rather quickly and reached around $0.000003 within the last couple of weeks. The project, which is a community-driven meme and gaming platform was, however, very slow to run in sync with its roadmap.

The project’s game NFTs and the whole experience came off as a disappointment to many, which was also a major reason for its downfall. The quality of games, roadmap execution, development in infrastructure etc were mediocre at best. Thus, the concept that looked quite innovative to many before was eventually dropped.

Why is the alternative Tamadoge better

Launched only in 2022, the Tamadoge project is one of the top grossing ecosystems in the space currently and is built on the same innovative concept as Safemoon Inu. However, it is a much better, and value-added version of SMI. Tamadoge is mainly gaining popularity due to its memecoin status which is further bettered by real utility.

Buy Tamadoge

Being a P2E game platform, Tamadoge is completely integrated with the metaverse. It is also a small cap project, which makes growth prospects much more realistic. The platform is not only planning on sticking to the basic blockchain gaming but is also actively exploring Move-to-earn and several other concepts to add to the ecosystem.

The website has already managed to sell more than $14 million worth of TAMA, which is the project’s native token.

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