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Rollbit Coin Price Prediction: RLB’s Massive Growth Points to yPredict – Have You Considered It?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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While the overall cryptocurrency market is performing negatively today, Rollbit (RLB) is standing out and getting noticed by traders and investors with its performance. 

The parabolic surge in Rollbit Coin (RLB) value was driven by one of its co-founders unveiling an upgraded tokenomics system.

As of 7:40 am EST, the price of RLB is going up at $0.1847, representing a 20% increase in the past 24 hours. 

Rollbit Price Hits All-Time High

Rollbit’s native token, RLB, is taking the lead in the digital asset markets by surpassing its all-time high of $0.1313. Over the past week, RLB has surged by an impressive 80%. The digital coin has grown consistently and will continue in the next few weeks.

Looking at the Rollbit coin’s price over one day, it’s gaining massively, and buyers are in charge. The price movement made a unique pattern called a bullish engulfing candlestick, which means the bulls are in control of the market.

Rollbit Coin Price Prediction: RLB's Massive Growth Points to Ypredict - Have You Considered It?

On the technical side, Rollbit is under massive buying pressure. The current coin analysis reveals a situation where it trades above the Bollinger Bands indicator. 

This occurrence suggests a potential increased volatility and a significant shift in price action. Also, a coin trading above the upper Bollinger Band can indicate a period of substantial buying pressure.

Moreover, the expanding nature of the Bollinger Bands further validates the intensified volatility, indicating that market participants are actively pushing the price to new levels. 

Additionally, the MACD is significantly higher than the signal line, highlighting a strong positive momentum and the potential for further upward price action.

But the RSI level currently stands at 73, which signifies that the coin might be overbought, potentially indicating a slowing down or a reversal of its recent upward movement. 

With the RSI at 73, caution is necessary as it suggests a higher likelihood of a corrective pullback due to the overbought condition. However, the robust MACD indicates ongoing buying interest and the potential continuation of the upward trend. 

Rollbit’s prospects continue to look promising, with buyers holding a firm grip on the market. The digital asset is poised to sustain its robust upward momentum, possibly overcoming its resistance at 0.209. 

Rollbit Alternative More Potential To Reap Higher Gains

Rollbit coin may be trading in green candles, but the upcoming token may outshine these pumps. One of the most promising presale tokens is yPredict, an innovative blend of Web3 and artificial intelligence projects.

In recent times, the realms of Web3 and artificial intelligence have been experiencing robust growth, giving rise to a range of captivating cryptocurrency startups. yPredict ($YPRED) is garnering considerable attention due to its inventive and ambitious attributes.

Leveraging the capabilities of advanced AI technology, yPredict presents a variety of resources that deliver cryptocurrency analytics, SEO solutions, and a host of other functionalities.

Revolutionize SEO Strategies

An essential feature introduced by yPredict is its AI-driven backlink estimator, which aims to transform approaches to SEO tactics.

The backlink estimator tool is trained using an extensive database of over 100 million links. Its primary purpose is to forecast the required backlink composition for a website to secure a specific keyword ranking.

Initially introduced as a free preview, the backlink estimator experienced an impressive response, amassing more than 5,000 requests within 24 hours.

However, due to its immediate success, the yPredict team has made the tool available to the general public, with a pricing structure set at $99 per query, as revealed in a message posted by the official yPredict Twitter account.

Interestingly, those who acquire $YPRED tokens during yPredict’s ongoing presale will receive full access to the team’s backlink estimator tool and other models currently in development.

This arrangement has drawn further interest in the yPredict ecosystem, propelling the project’s presale toward achieving its goal of $1.4 million.

Potential investors can purchase $YPRED tokens during this presale phase at only $0.07, offering a discount compared to the anticipated listing price on exchanges.

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