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Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction: Will It Outshine the Buzz Around a Certain Street-Savvy Meme Token?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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In a thought-provoking tweet, one of the co-founders of Flare Networks (FLR), Hugo Philion, shared his predictions regarding the potential path of Ripple XRP after the legal case ends.

Philion highlighted that his assumption was based on the belief that cross-border transactions serve as the main use case for XRP. His statements sparked discussions about the cryptocurrency’s future applications and the obstacles it might face. 

The Ripple Coin (XRP) market appears to be reacting to this assumption today. Its price has dipped significantly over the past seven days and in the last 24 hours.

Ripple XRP Takes Bear Route, Leaving Investors in State of Uncertainty

At 5:50 am EST, the XRP price was $0.618, reflecting a dip of 2.3% in the last 24 hours. Also, the asset shows a 7-day price decline of 12.44%. 

But XRP boasts a 32.2% increase in a 30-day timeframe, gaining 64.6% in one year. Also, the XRP trading volume has increased by 11% over the past 24 hours to more than $1 billion.

Generally, XRP’s price projects an uncertain outlook for investors, even as its trading activity rises. 

XRP’s Sell Pressure Halts Its Drift


Ripple XRP

The bears seem to be losing strength in the XRP market as they encounter a support level at $0.6147. Based on XRP’s past price movements, this level has hindered further sell moves and could also restrict the bears’ dominance this time.

More so, XRP’s price may struggle to break past the support position from the 50-day moving average while it stands above the 200-day MA. This setup now places a buying possibility on the horizon.

But while a bullish momentum could kick off from this position, traders and investors need to beware of cautionary bearish indicators such as the MACD.

Notably, the MACD line still sits below the signal line. This means that the bears are still overseeing the market. The RSI at 40 also supports this position, as it’s in the sell zone.

But while this selling pressure still grips the market, XRP could initiate a bullish turn from this position. The support levels from the 50-day MA and at $0.6147 might be the reason for this.

Ripple alternative

Wall Street Memes has achieved significant success with its WSM token sale, surpassing the remarkable milestone of $22 million raised to date. The project’s prominence has garnered immense attention from investors eagerly acquiring $WSM tokens at over $100,000 daily.

The roots of Wall Street Memes can be traced back to the 2021 movement, in which small-scale investors took on Wall Street giants. Building upon this movement, the primary objective of Wall Street Memes is to tokenize and represent the spirit of this growth.

By initiating the $WSM token presale and delving into the world of cryptocurrency, the project aims to expand its reach and impact further, and it is also creating Ordinals NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Wall Street Memes Community

An integral factor contributing to the strength of Wall Street Memes lies in its expansive and highly engaged community. It boasts an impressive membership of over 1 million individuals across various social media platforms. 

This substantial community following has fueled optimism among experts, who foresee a high likelihood of the project listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Such a listing can drive remarkable growth for the $WSM token, propelling its market capitalization beyond the billion-dollar mark.

Notably, the project is committed to empowering its community members, allocating 30% of the total token supply for rewarding participants through various mechanisms, including airdrops.

Wall Street Memes’ robust community engagement and well-crafted social media strategy make it an attractive investment instrument for investors and traders.

Moreover, industry experts are bullish about the prospects of $WSM once it hits exchanges. This will add to the appeal of the ongoing token presale for investors seeking opportunities for substantial gains.

Interested individuals seeking to participate in the $WSM token sale can acquire the tokens on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain platforms.

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