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Retail Payments: XRP’s Growth Trend Extends to South-Africa

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Major cryptocurrency, XRP has continued to be in the news. Recall in previous articles how XRP’s crypto adoption in the U.S. and Mexico has increased. The Mexico scenario was due to XRP’s recent deal with Bitso, one of the biggest payment platforms in Mexico.

In South Africa, XRP’s acceptance has gained momentum as sources reveal its a better option in the retail payment system, even more, desirable than King Bitcoin.

Corroborating this fact is the CEO of a crypto startup who stated in an exclusive interview on his preference for XRP over Bitcoin in retail payments. Admittedly, he said Bitcoin is a great cryptocurrency with great values but XRP is a better choice. Bitcoin’s current state makes it impossible to be used in retail payment perfectly.

Xago’s Collaboration with XRP
The CEO of Xago, a digital platform that makes XRP available to its clients stated collaboratively that XRP is a preferred choice when it comes to retail payments. XRP’s CEO made it known in a statement that Ripple is a problem-solving tool especially with its use in cross border transactions. The Xago CEO also corroborated the fact that XRP is an answer to its problems.

Xago just recently launched a gateway that enables crypto transactions for XRP. The CEO pointed out that the uniqueness of Xago is in its direct integration with XRPL and also its pegged ordering system. He believes that with the pegged ordering system, premium charges on XRP will no longer be necessary. Xago also spoke on its plans to increase liquidity for XRP on its platform for every currency pair. Xago believes that its integration with XRPL is an innovation that will set the pace in the market now and years to come. It also believes in achieving a payment system that is unique and not Fiat bound.

The CEO also spoke on other trending issues like Facebook’s Libra and new regulations being proposed to be released on cryptocurrency by South Africa’s apex bank.

Recall that Facebook’s Libra has been in the news so far, with its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before the US congress. Naysayers have predicted that its June 2020 target seems impossible and have drawn out the premise that Libra is in a fix.

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