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Recycle-To-Earn Ecoterra Booms With Presale Hitting Almost $3.5M 

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Several blockchain-based projects are emerging recently with the increasing understanding of blockchain technology. Some projects are running their presales, but the green Recycle-2-Earn Ecoterra is striking a landmark.

Many investors have rushed to purchase the $ECOTERRA tokens, pushing the presale funds to almost $3.5 million. The hype surrounding the token is growing as the presale is set to enter the next stage, surging the price by 10%.

Ecoterra is a Web3 project to support the global shift to sustainable ecological and environmentally friendly processes. The project brings in the technique of recycling materials to create a balance in the ecology and reduce the threats from environmental degradation.

Ecoterra operates in the process of rewarding users as they engage in recycling materials tracked on the platform. Some recycled materials include glass, plastics, clothing, and other tech items.

The Ecoterra ecosystem connects to the real world using reverse vending machines that help capture and track the recycling process. Users can deposit their recycled materials and earn ECOTERRA tokens as rewards.

ECOTERRA Presale Booms With Growing Rush

Ecoterra is running its presale, which has nine different stages of different prices of the ECOTERRA token. It is currently at stage 6 with the price of ECOTERRA at $0.00775. 

Following the growing indications of the project, the presale has witnessed a massive breakthrough as investors rushed to own the ECOTERRA token. Subsequently, the project has generated almost $3.5 million through its presale.

Stage 6 of the presale has just 10 days to shift to the next, bringing a 10% price surge from $0.00775 to $0.0085. Moreover, with the growing popularity of the Web3 start-up, it could reach $3.925 million in fewer days to take the presale to the next stage. 

Investors could be prompt in their decisions and purchase ECOTERRA at a discount in the current ongoing presale stage. Additionally, the project’s roadmap hinted at its launch on centralized and decentralized exchanges with a price of $0.01.

This means that early investors could benefit from paper gains of 30% once the presale is over. Also, the project’s popularity could trigger more price rallies in the future that will amount to higher profits on a long-term basis for early investors.

$ECOTERRA Functionalities

Ecoterra is an amazing blockchain-based project that distinguishes itself with unique functionalities. Here are some of the functions of the Web3 application.

  • Ecoterra rewards users with its native token, ECOTERRA, as they recycle material using the app.
  • The project offers a carbon offset marketplace allowing users to positively impact the environment by offsetting their carbon footprint with ECOTERRA or crypto assets.
  • It provides a recycled material marketplace that will help the sustainability of businesses. Users will have trackable records for purchasing recycled plastics, aluminum, glass, and other material with ECOTERRA or other assets.
  • Includes an Impact Trackable Profile for both individuals and companies for tacking their environmentally friendly activities, which could boost the image of their business brands 

These unique functionalities have placed Ecoterra at the forefront of the global fight against climate change in the future. This must be why top presale analysts Crypto Moonlight and Jacob Crypto Bury see big potential for growth in the native token $ECOTERRA. 

Ecoterra Gains Massive Recognition At The Istanbul Blockchain Summit

During the Istanbul Blockchain summit, top members of the Ecoterra team strongly reiterated its use cases to the attendees. According to the CEO, Mihai Ciutureanu, the worsening global climatic change has propelled individuals and many businesses to seek a way to protect the environment. 

But many people interested in saving the environment still lack the knowledge of why they should and what to do. On the other hand, those who know what to do may not be willing to put in any effort without proper incentives. 

As a result, Ecoterra has emerged to bridge the gap in these instances by educating the public on why they should protect the environment through proper recycling. It also aims to provide financial incentives that will motivate them through its Recycle-to-earn system. 

The CEO continued by disclosing that Ecoterra will do more than the above as it will build a recycled materials marketplace. Notably, the feature will connect recycling companies and those who purchase recycled materials in a mutually beneficial way to promote a “circular product life cycle.” 

Also, the project is building another marketplace for businesses and individuals to purchase “verified blockchain-based carbon credits. These credits will enable them to do two things in the project’s platform. 

First, users can offset their carbon emissions with the credits. Secondly,  they can seamlessly track their environmentally-friendly actions using their impact profile.

The team’s appearance at the summit was an effort to market the project’s potential, thereby attracting more investors’ interest. 

Ecoterra Project Stands a Higher Chance Of Attracting New Investors

One of the benefits of the team’s attendance at the Istanbul Summit is exposure to many centralized exchange heads. The team discussed with these exchanges vying for token launch partnerships during the event. 

Some of the popular exchanges that appeared at the event were KuCoin, OKX, and MEXC Global. Discussing with these exchanges is in pursuant of Ecoterra’s roadmap in its Whitepaper revealing the upcoming launch on several popular exchanges in Q3 of 2023. 

After the launch, Ecoterra also aims to release the beta version of its Recycled Materials marketplace and the Recycle2Earn application in Q4 of 2023. 

Early Investor’s Positions For Massive Returns

 According to Ecoterra’s plans, it will sell 50% of the total 2 billion $ECOTERRA tokens to the public during this presale stage. Then it will reserve 20% for exchange listing and marketing, while 20 % will go for ecosystem liquidity. The remaining 10% will be split equally between corporate adoptions and the project’s team. 

The project presale is already halfway to completion as the team targets to raise $6.7 million through the presales. Early investors can amass many tokens during these presales as the token price is still very affordable. 

Once it lists on exchanges, expect a price boom, as many meme coins have recently shown. You can be a part of the gainers by getting a crypto wallet, connecting it to the Ecoterra presale page, funding the wallet with USDT or ETH, and buying the ECOTERRA tokens as many as you can before the price increases in the next stage. 

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