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Recycle-2-Earn Revolution Starts With Ecoterra Presale Today – Invest in the Circular Economy and the Future of our Planet

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Ecoterra NFT Project
Ecoterra NFT Project

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Ecoterra is a platform that rewards individuals and organizations for participating in environmental-friendly activities, which include recycling and offsetting carbon credits. Several waste disposal outlets and supermarkets operate Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) to reward anyone inserting used glass containers, aluminum cans, plastic, and other recyclables.

However, Ecoterra aims to revolutionize this concept with its Recycle-2-Earn decentralized platform. Instead of earning items for recycling used products, users will earn convertible tokens. The project will be valuable as it tackles vital factors behind critical climate changes.

Ecoterra Ensuring an Eco-friendly Planet

Ecoterra aims to encourage everyone to utilize its R2E decentralized platform while promoting a circular economy. The project is focused on two marketplaces – recycling materials and offsetting carbon credits, reusing the output of previous productions as new inputs for fresh production cycles.

In a nutshell, the idea of the project is to facilitate the Holy Grail of sustainable living. Ecoterra is ahead of this innovation and ingenuity encompassing the circular economy. By embracing the power of RVMs, Ecoterra uses enticing systems to potentially pit many consumers (and companies) in pursuing the circular economy.

The recycle-2-earn concept on the platform’s app allows users to receive tokens whenever an item is recycled. With the R2E app, users can scan and log every product as a recyclable item to receive the $ECOTERRA token on the platform.

On Ecoterra, users have no recycling limit. Thus, they can recycle as many recyclable items as possible, including glass containers, aluminum cans, plastic, etc. At last, users now have a streamlined and reward-based way to help fight against pollution and climate change. 


ECOTERRA is the native token of the Ecoterra R2E platform that operates on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The token holders can spend, stake, or hold in their self-custody cryptocurrency wallets.

The presale officially commenced on March 29, 2023, and each ECOTERRA token is worth $0.004. Currently, the presale has raised $32,625 out of the $800,000 target. You can join other early investors to make the world a greener place.

To participate in this ongoing presale, link your crypto wallet to your browser and your preferred payment method. Next, convert your ETH or USDT balance to DLANCE tokens. 

Alternatively, you can select the Card option to trade USD for ECOTERRA. You’ll be able to claim your tokens after the final presale stage.

Benefits of Ecoterra

Ecoterra provides its users with various benefits, including token rewards, carbon credits, a pollution-free environment, and a circular economy.

Token Rewards

Ecoterra uses its recycle-2-earn application to reward users for participating in eco-friendly activities, making all recyclables equivalent to a tangible amount of ECOTERRA.

Carbon Credits

The platform incentivizes users and companies to make a tangible impact on the environment. Furthermore, they receive incentives for offsetting their carbon footprint with ECOTERRA or other cryptos.

Impact Trackable Identity

With the Ecoterra app, users can track their positive impacts and environmentally friendly activities, thus improving their brand image and customer loyalty.

Ecoterra users with high impact scores will get NFT rewards. They can hold, trade, oven sell off their NFT.

Transparent Impact Exposure

Ecoterra allows companies to create eco-friendly identities with calculated and transparent data based on their impact on climate change and purchases of recyclable items.

The whole idea of the platform is to encourage individuals and organizations to develop the conscience of maintaining a green environment.

Accessibility of RVMs

The global market size of RVMs is expected to spike as this project develops. Many businesses, irrespective of their sizes, are endeavoring to advocate and fight climate change with their conscious choices regarding waste reduction, renewable energy, energy consumption, and GHG emissions.

Greener Ecosystem

To limit CO2 emissions, Ecoterra’s project will facilitate the need for a healthy environment that can support tree planting. This will help in regulating temperature changes, cooling down temperatures by shade, and increasing and preserving natural habitats for jeopardized species.

Ecoterra tokenomics

Out of the 1,000,000,000-total supply of the ECOTERRA tokens, 50% will be available in the Presale, while 20% will go to Ecosystem Liquidity. 10% will be used for Listings and another 10% for Marketing. 5% of the token goes to Corporate Adoption, and the remaining 5% goes to the Team.


Who is the Ecoterra project targeting?

Ecoterra aims at many users, including recyclers, large firms, small businesses, governments, industries, and NGOs (non-governmental organizations). The project aims to provide benefits and solutions to the above-mention category to create a sustainable future.

What brands can utilize Ecoterra?

Currently, there is no limit to the kind of brand that can access the platform. However, brands conscious about sustainability and the utility of recycled items can use Ecoterra.

How can I earn ECOTERRA?

With the R2E app, scan the products’ barcodes to match the platform’s AI-powered database. Next, visit the RVM and drop off your recyclable materials to earn ecoterra for each material. On the other hand, scan your utility bill and receive tokens.

Why invest in Ecoterra?

Ecoterra is a green crypto project that tends to address carbon emission issues. Investing in the emission-decreasing project will help individuals and organizations offset their emissions and facilitate the mitigation of climate change.

Why is Ecoterra valuable and unique?

The project uses blockchain technology to establish circular economy strategies, providing an incentivizing platform for recycles and a marketplace for recycled materials. Besides increasing recycling rates, this project provides unique opportunities for individuals to receive rewards for impacting the environment positively.


Ecoterra is a green crypto project ensuring a greener environment for all living things. Blockchain technology makes transactions transparent and fast. The R2E concept is a medium for encouraging the population at large to participate in eco-friendly activities.

With its unavoidable benefits, the future of Ecoterra is set to spike as more individuals and organizations follow its vision. Joining the ongoing presale will leave investors with amazing rewards as the value of the tokens will rise after each presale stage.

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