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Recycle-2-Earn Ecoterra Smashes Records, Raises $300k in Just One Day – $2 Million Hit

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Ecoterra presale logo
Ecoterra presale logo

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In the past 24 hours, Ecoterra’s all-in-one Recycle2Earn app has raised $2 million, surpassing its presale price targets, with $300,000 collected during this period.

If the project reaches Stage 5, the token price will increase from $0.00625 to $0.0070, a 12% surge. Analysts expect a favorable return on investment for $ECOTERRA token buyers. Investors are encouraged to take quick action to secure the Stage 4 $ECOTERRA token price of $0.0065, as only $580,000 remains to be raised before entering Stage 5.

Secure the Low Price of $0.00625 for Stage 4 of the Ecoterra Presale Before it Sells Out!

Act now to secure the low price of $0.00625 for Stage 4 of the Ecoterra presale, as it is selling out quickly. The previous stage sold out in just three days, showing that this price may only be available for another day or two before entering Stage 5, which is expected to happen by Friday. With this current pace, the presale will likely be fully sold out by the end of April.

Those interested in participating in the presale must conduct thorough research and make prompt decisions. They can purchase ECOTERRA tokens using ETH or the Tether stablecoin (USDT), and newcomers to crypto can use their bank cards to buy with ordinary fiat money. The exchange listing price for ECOTERRA is $0.01, which is 150% above the Stage 1 price of $0.004. This is a 60% return on the current Stage 4 price.

Buyers are rushing to invest in ECOTERRA, and it’s easy to see why. With the increasing necessity of recycling as a global industry, the need for solutions to environmental degradation and climate change is undeniable. Although innovation is rapidly occurring in the search for these solutions, ‌Ecoterra’s decentralized system offers an unmatched combination of simplicity and functionality. The Ecoterra projecthas unparalleledd market fit, as it aims to increase recycling adoption by consumers and businesses on a large scale.

Ecoterra – Promoting Recycling and Ecological Actions through Innovative Apps and Partnerships

Ecoterra aims to promote recycling and ecological actions by offering easily collectible rewards through its smartphone app, recycle-2-earn. The app provides access to recycled materials, a carbon offset marketplace, and an impact profile to track ecological actions. The project has received strong support for its presale in German-speaking countries, which aligns with their commitment to a sustainable economy and circular economy practices.

Ecoterra has partnered with well-known brands such as Vittel, Pepsi, and Heineken to integrate their products into the app’s database of scannable recyclable materials. It has experienced recycling professionals. Moreover, it has partnered with supermarket chain Delhaize to Ecoterra empowers companies and consumers to make a positive impact on the environment.

Ecoterra’s Recycling App Aims to Take Advantage of the $63 Billion Industry with NFT Incentives

Ecoterra aims to take advantage of the $63 billion recycling industry by offering a recycling app that allows users to earn tokens for each item recycled through reverse vending machines (RVMs). Experts predict increased interest in environmentally conscious crypto projects like Ecoterra. These projects could generate significant returns on investment for early buyers, potentially a tenfold (10x) valuation.

As part of its presale marketing campaign, Ecoterra launched a 5% bonus referral program. Additionally, the project has invented a non-frivolous use case for NFTs. Ecological actions are represented as NFTs and can be traded, providing further incentives for individuals and companies to make environmentally conscious decisions.

Join the Movement – Invest in Ecoterra, the Fastest-Growing Presale of 2023, and Make a Positive Impact Against Climate Change

The fastest-growing presale of 2023 is open for investment – ecoterra. One of the project’s standout features is the ability of households and companies to generate renewable electricity to create an income stream in ECOTERRA tokens.

The ecoterra team comprises experienced professionals in the recycling and crypto industries, giving investors confidence in the project. While due diligence is essential, the team invites public funding to support their cause.

Become part of the solution to climate change by joining the Ecoterra presale today! The project’s business model and vision have received validation from a growing community. This shows a high potential for mass adoption as the platform implements its product roadmap to create a circular economy where waste is transformed into reusable production inputs.

Ecoterra’s partnership with Delhaize (Lion), a major supermarket chain, will incorporate its reverse vending machines (RVMs) into stores. By using the recycle-earn Ecoterra app with these RVMs, users can earn tokens for each item recycled.

More exciting product developments are on the horizon, so don’t miss out! Visit the Ecoterra website and click “Connect Wallet” to swap ETH or USDT for Ecoterra tokens. Follow the instructions on the screen to connect your wallet to the presale dashboard.


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