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Pundi X Price Prediction: PUNDIX Tumbles Again – Will $0.33 Be the New Normal?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Pundi x trades at the $0.3 price level, close to its December 30, 2022, all-time low value of $0.2. Its price is down by 17.3% in the last 30 days and 2.2% in the past seven days. 

PUNDIX’s price at 7:59 a.m. EST is $0.3, with a 2.3% decline in the last 24 hours. This price drop suggests the sellers have the upper hand and continue to force further decreases. 

However, Pundi X records positive developments within its ecosystem, which might change its price trajectory.  

XPOS Upgrades Likely to Force Long-Term Recovery

Pundi X XPOS service received vital system upgrades on August 25. According to the announcement, the new upgrades include;

Crypto payment order: Users can now place payment orders with crypto units, increasing the flexibility and convenience of transactions for merchants and customers. 

Optimized on-chain addresses: The Pundi X team also announced that on-chain addresses are now optimized for XPOS to smoothen the transaction process and reduce potential errors.

New token listing preparations: This upgrade also enables new token listings to expand customer choices. Account details revision: Distributors and merchants can quickly revise their account details through the XPOS portal to save time and make the process more efficient. 

Bug Fixes: The developers stated that they have carefully addressed and resolved several known issues, boosting the overall system’s stability and reliability. 

Additionally, the technical team is working on a bug fix to boost the accuracy of their new crypto feature in the Cashier Pro module. They stated that users will be notified when the bug fix is available for download and use. 

These upgrades will likely boost the adoption of XPOS and the overall utility of the product worldwide. 

Diamond Shoppe South Africa Collaborates with XPOS, Signaling Global Adoption

Diamond Shoppe, a top merchant in South Africa selling diamond engagement rings, has integrated XPOS with its operations. 

Users can now purchase exotic diamond rings with crypto using the XPOS. This adoption furthers the project’s vision for rapid global adoption in Africa, a developing crypto hotspot. This integration will likely boost PUNDIX’s price in the long term since it exposes the token to new markets. 

X Analytics Now Available on Pundi X App

Pundi X Labs announced on August 25 that users can access X analytics under Premium mode directly from the app. 

Also, they noted that their posts over the past 28 days earned over 1 million impressions, showing active engagement from the crypto community. 

Pundi X Labs, on August 24, stated that X will likely introduce a grid media display soon, and it will be a powerful tool on the app for displaying visual content in a user-friendly and attractive manner.

It implies that interest in the Pundi X Labds project is soaring and will likely positively influence the PUNDIX price. 

The XBlockchain warm-up party is another initiative to rally the community and boost adoption. The Event is slated for September 11 in Singapore. It will allow users to interact with top speakers in the crypto community. 

Furthermore, Pundi X Labs Twitter Spaces will host their Chief Liaison officer and a special guest from South Africa to engage the community on crypto payment adoption in South Africa and beyond.

The Event will occur on August 30, 2023, at 5 pm EST (9 pm GMT) and aims to broaden the reach of PundiX using crypto payments as an avenue. 

Bearish PUNDIX Plummets Toward $0.3200 – Where’s the Next Support?

In the chart above, PUNDIX is trading below the critical moving averages (Simple Moving Average, SMA), representing its bearish market trend in the short and long term. As such, the coin is prone to more price losses in the coming days.

Pundi X

The red candle stick formation after the last two red candles shows the increased selling pressure on the coin’s price within the past three days. 

Consequently, PUNDIX’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) is falling from 34.53 toward the oversold region (below 30). Again, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is below the signal line and has red faded histogram bars. 

It shows that PUNDIX’s bearish momentum is weakening, and a shift to a bullish momentum could occur in the coming days.

PUNDIX Nears Critical Support Level – Price Rebound Within Reach?

Pundi X has found support at $ 0.2 while its historical resistance level is still at $0.4. According to the chart above, the coin is falling toward this support level.

Pundi x

A further approach to this critical support at $0.2 could attract bargain investors seeking to enter PUNDIX’s market at its cheapest value. That way, more coin units will be sold out, increasing buying pressure while fostering recovery for its market value.

Meanwhile, given the resistance level of $0.4, PUNDIX is prone to several price rallies in the long run before reaching the level where profit-taking investors may come in.

Irrespective of this positive outlook, further analysis, adequate risk management techniques, and strategic trade setups must be implemented for informed trading decisions.

Pundit X Best Alternative – yPredict (YPRED)

yPredict (YPRED) functions as an ‘All-in-One’ artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem that revolutionizes user engagement in the crypto market. The AI provides real-time trading signals through its unique predictive models that top AI experts create.

yPredict features a real-time sentiment analysis for prominent crypto assets. Its technical analysis provides the right guide for traders with AI, revealing the most effective indicators of any token.

The project offers more than 25 chart pattern recognition for shortlisted assets that would aid users in navigating through the market without losses. Further, yPredict has a staking system where users could receive up to 45% quarterly staking rewards on their tokens. The staking rewards come from the 10% of YPRED coins paid for new subscriptions on the network.

YPRED’s Explosive Presale

yPredict is running its presale, currently at Stage 7, with the token’s price at $0.10. With a hard cap of $4.58 million, YPRED’s explosive presale has generated over $3.62 million, indicating over 79% feat in its presale target.

The listing price of the token on exchanges is set at $0.12, offering up to 16% paper gains to investors at the current presale stage.

Moreover, with the increasing attention on yPredict, the token could surge more after presale, giving early investors more ROI.

With a total token supply of 100 million, the project allocated 80 million to its presale. yPredict is a community-centered project with minimal possibility of centralization or rug pulls.

Also, yPredict boasts over 20,000 users on waiting lists, which indicates many crypto enthusiasts’ growing interest in the project.

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