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Privacy-Focused Self-Custody Bitcoin Wallet Released by Casa

IDAX CEO Reportedly Goes Missing And Vanished With Its Cold Wallet 1
IDAX CEO Reportedly Goes Missing And Vanished With Its Cold Wallet 1

Casa, a crypto custody startup based in New York, has recently released a new wallet. This wallet, designed for both long-term HODLers and newbies alike, stores Bitcoin within it.

A Greater Focus On Privacy

Through a blog post Casa had done on the 13th of June, the firm that provides a private key management service, announced that it had created its own wallet: The Casa Wallet. This development came after Mantis VC, a venture capital fund, invested within Casa. The Casa wallet stands as a software wallet with an emphasis on privacy within its design. It allows its users to only need a first name and an email to access it, and no other private information besides this.

Casa went further, claiming that its users have no need to set up a Bitcoin account with the use of a seed phrase, contrary to other software wallets such as Exodus. The seed phrase itself stands as a phrase, typically mnemonic, which is needed to regain access to a wallet. However, Casa stated that their wallet would allow its users to create a key that is subsequently stored on their mobile devices. From there, an encrypted backup of this key is split across Casa and an OS-specific cloud provider. The wallet holder can then retrieve this key through the use of a two-factor authentication process.

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Adding New Features

Furthermore, the Casa Wallet incorporates a “Key Health” feature, which serves as a way to allow its users to check up on their various private keys. From there, they can confirm if the Bitcoin wallets are backed up or not, and otherwise check if the signatures of a user are authentic or not.

Previous Exploits

It was reported back in September of last year that Casa had released another wallet, though this one, in particular, was a non-custodial mobile wallet app. This app, available for download, could be used without the company’s hardware Lightning node. However, the company further noted that the Lightning Network capabilities were inaccessible until they connected the app to the node.

The app itself incorporates support for the SatsTag public address-naming system. When BTC is sent through the SatsTag system, a new address is then derived from the public key of the receiver, promptly provided to the sender in question. However, it should be noted that the Sats mobile wallet also enables you to send through scanning a QR code, as well.

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