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Presidential Candidate Introduces ‘AmeriCoin’ Cryptocurrency Project

Adam Kokesh, a presidential candidate in the 2020 election in the United States, is working to develop “AmeriCoin,” a government-issued cryptocurrency, according to a press release.

Kokesh has appointed Alastair Caithness as the leader of a team that will develop the project.

The goal here, of course, is to “return power to the American people by significantly reducing the intrusion of the US Federal government into all aspects of American life.”

Cryptocurrencies are completely decentralized, meaning they don’t need a central authority to work. In the case of AmeriCoin, the asset would be somewhat centralized, but the idea is to remove some of the power the government already has in the current state of things.

AmeriCoin is meant to back all government assets, such as land and gold reserves.

On top of this, the project will help provide a sort of universal basic income (UBI), similar to the campaign of the now dropped Andrew Yang.

Caithness is involved in the blockchain industry already. He is currently CEO of Ziyen Energy, a project looking to tokenize energy assets.

“It’s an honor to work with Adam Kokesh as he seeks to transform American society. The burden of federal tax is one of the main reasons young people are having such a difficult time developing a sound financial start to life,” says Caithness.

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