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PR: Mirocana Predicts Financial Markets. Your Key to Success on Stock, Currency and Crypto-Currency Markets

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Financial trends were always hard to predict even by careful observers. Transparency of events is something that traders are seeking regardless of the year, though nowadays not everything can be spotted with the help of the word of mouth. Trading before and after digital revolution looks like two different phenomena. It is not a crystal ball that you need, but a modern technologies solution.

Mirocana created an Artificial Intelligence on deep-learning neural nets that predicts stock, currency and crypto-currency markets with high accuracy. The technology itself was designed 2 years ago by George Petrov – Founder and CEO of Mirocana – and since then has undergone major improvements.

Now the company wants to start a revolution in personal investments, introducing an AI with no human factor. In addition to the obvious advantages of AI (the absence of human limitations like fatigue, inattention and lack of experience), it also analyzes more than 40 data sources when creates strategies.

Among them, not only technical analysis and financial indicators, but also the activity of other market participants (including hedge fund managers), tweets, news, articles, macroeconomic data, and even Google Trends. To stay up to date, the AI analyzes 2000+ news and articles per day. This allows clients to stop worrying about their money and the competence of their trader.

Of the companies competitive advantages George Petrov, Mirocana CEO said: “Our goal is to solve the problems of personal investing with a trader, introducing a constantly self-learning AI that is capable of the things, no trader can do. Moreover, we do not withdraw or transfer any clients’ money – we simply integrate the AI into an existing broker account and it starts managing the funds. We will not charge any commission within first 8 months after the Token Sale. And then we will even compensate 25% of any monthly loss (if occurred). We are building three crowdsources platforms for data scientists who want to contribute their skills, machine learning models and strategies to the project. This will enormously improve the overall accuracy of predictions. In this way, the AI is supported with extensive knowledge of thousands of data scientists from all over the world, not only a bunch of people in a team”.

Three products that solve a problem of ineffective trading:
– Stock market forecasts – access granted for TOP-200 holders of tokens. Works with Interactive Brokers account.
– Currency market forecasts – access costs 10 000 MIRO. Works with OANDA account.
– Crypto-currency market forecasts – access costs 5 000 MIRO. Works with Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp etc accounts.

Right now the company will attract funds for the development of the system.
The first investment was $ 190,000
The second investment (private Pre-Sale) was $ 485,000

PMirocana Token Sale starts on Sunday, 19th of November in 12:00 UTC.
During the crowdsale you will be able to purchase MIRO tokens with bonuses:

from 500 to 10 000 MIRO – 15% MIRO.
from 10 000 to 50 000 MIRO – 20% MIRO.
from 50 000 to 100 000 MIRO – 25% MIRO. from 100 000 and more – 30% MIRO.

Inside of your personal Mirocana account you will see the referral link. This link will give you possibility to get additional 5% bonus.
Ways of purchasing MIRO tokens:
– Ethereum/ Bitcoin/ Litecoin/ Monero/ Ripple and credit cards.

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