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Pepe Unchained Bags $1.1 Million In A Week, Arise The Pepe Final Boss

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Pepe Unchained
Pepe Unchained

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With a quick $1.1 million raised in one week, Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) is showing the crypto world who the best Pepe is – and yes, it’s the one without shackles but still without pants on.

No other coin poses a serious threat to the reign of the old Pepe ($PEPE) like its new, improved, and unchained version, $PEPU.

Faster and cheaper transaction speeds – things $PEPE can only hope for – are made possible with Pepe Unchained’s own Layer 2 chain on Ethereum.

With investors pouring in hundreds of thousands each day, potentially millions in the coming weeks, in Pepe Unchained’s presale, we may soon be crowning the ultimate Pepe.

If you missed out on $PEPE before, now is your chance to ride $PEPU for astronomical gains and help convert every last $PEPE holder to $PEPU.

Buy $PEPU now at $0.0081288 before it leaps to $0.00816130 in the next presale stage.

Meme Coins Rise, Pepe Coins Fall?

Meme coins are making a comeback after a month-long drought, with strong bullish momentum potentially setting the stage for another bull run as July approaches.

Tokens in the meme category have shown solid gains in the past 24 hours: BOOK OF MEME ($BOME) surged by 7.09%, Bonk ($BONK) rose by 4.72%, Popcat ($POPCAT) climbed 10.7%, and Mog Coin ($MOG) soared by 23.63%.

In fact, the meme coin sector as a whole has seen a 2.77% uptick, with trading volume spiking by 25.38% to reach $4.3 billion.

However, amidst the buying spree, our old friend $PEPE hasn’t fared as well, seeing a 0.28% loss in value. Similarly, other Pepe-themed coins, such as Pepecoin ($PEPECOIN), dropped by 1.11%, and PepeFork ($PORK) by 8.27%.

Why is the crypto market being tough on our frog friend and his tadpole relatives?

Is this merely a coincidence, or has the market finally come to see that the Pepe with massive gains potential is the one without the heavy chains on his back?

The Crypto World Wants To Free Pepe

The free Pepe is the true Pepe – and that’s exactly what the crypto world wants.

With its own Layer 2 chain, as mentioned, $PEPU is not “chained” to Ethereum, meaning more tokens and less gas fees.

Furthermore, operating as its own chain creates an entirely new ecosystem, a potential launchpad for other tokens – other unchained Pepe friends. 

Perhaps this is why our old pal $PEPE isn’t receiving the same love as before. 

Recently, a report even surfaced of a whale identified as 0x837 offloading 700 billion $PEPE tokens, valued at $7.83 million, with the entire trade resulting in a not-too-easy-to-swallow loss of $3.47 million.

What prompted this whale to sell its $PEPE holdings hastily? 

Speculation aside, it looks like this whale is gearing up to go big on $PEPU.

No wonder $PEPU is touted as the next 10x meme coin, as 99Bitcoins pointed out on their YouTube channel, which has over 700k subscribers.

$PEPU: Crowned The King Of Meme Coins And Staking rewards

Pepe the frog has truly stood the test of time, remaining iconic to this day and unofficially crowned as the king of memes.

What sets its tokenized version apart is its grassroots crypto movement, driven not by influencers or venture capitalists, but by a strong community – the lifeblood of meme coins, something the recent Hawk Tuah ($HAWKTUAH) coin only hopes to emulate.

Enter Pepe Unchained, the next-level evolution, featuring the iconic anthropomorphic frog with a humanoid body as its mascot. 

Beyond its aforementioned transaction enhancements, it also boasts sweet staking rewards for early investors.

With an APY reaching up to 1,614%, that’s like earning a cool 4.42% daily.

About 98 million $PEPU tokens have already been staked, demonstrating the community’s real commitment to the long haul. 

So buy tokens and stake now, because as more investors join, the APY may decrease.

To join the presale, head over to Pepe Unchained’s website, connect your wallet, and buy using ETH, USDT, or BNB. Credit cards are also accepted.

Stay in the loop with Pepe Unchained’s latest updates by joining its community on X and Telegram.

Secure your $PEPU now, and the massive gains you’ll receive will feel good, man.

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