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Pepe Price Prediction As PEPE Soars 25% To A New All-Time High And This Dogecoin Derivative Offers Investors A Last Chance To Buy

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Pepe price
Pepe price

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The Pepe price surged over 25% in the last 24 hours to trade at $0.0000139 as of 12:28 a.m. EST.

The pump helped the third-biggest meme coin by market capitalization to establish a new all-time high (ATH) of $0.00001422.

The Pepe Price Flips Another Resistance Into Support

PEPE Chart Image

Daily chart for PEPE/USD (Source: GeckoTerminal)

The Pepe price managed to break above the $0.00001104 resistance level over the past 48 hours. It then continued to rise for the following few hours before starting to level off. As a result, a new barrier has been established at $0.00001398.

Should the meme coin overcome this newly-formed resistance in the coming 24 hours, it might have the foundation needed to keep climbing in the short term. Conversely, a rejection by this technical obstacle could result in the Pepe price correcting in the upcoming 48 hours.

The rejection will likely prompt traders to engage in profit-taking, potentially pulling PEPE down to the aforementioned $0.00001104 mark. Continued sell pressure should the Pepe price fall to this key level could then put the crypto at risk of dropping to the subsequent support at $0.00000810.

In an extremely bearish scenario, the Pepe price might correct down to as low as $0.00000544 in the short term. 

Technicals Suggests The PEPE Price Might Keep Climbing

Technical indicators on PEPE’s daily chart suggest the crypto could keep climbing in the next few days. Both the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) are flagging bullish.

In the last 48 hours, the MACD line attempted to cross bearishly below the MACD Signal line. Buyers were, however, able to prevent this from happening, causing the MACD line to bounce off of the Signal line. Since then, the former has been breaking away above the latter.

The MACD line positioned above the Signal line is usually seen as a bullish indication by traders, because it signals that a crypto is in a positive cycle. With the gap between the two lines growing, it seems this bullish momentum is growing stronger as well.

Meanwhile, the RSI reading above 50 suggests buyers are currently stronger than sellers. Traders will want to keep an eye on this technical indicator, since it also warns that PEPE is overbought. This is normally seen as a sell signal given the crypto’s downside potential is greater than its upside potential.

As PEPE attempts to overcome another technical barrier, investors are also flocking to Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) for potential parabolic gains as its presale offers a last chance to buy before listing.

A Chain-Hopping Dogecoin Deritvative

Dogeverse is a derivative of Dogecoin, but is very different compared to the original meme coin from a technical perspective. 

Launched in 2013, DOGE was created as a lighthearted joke with its developers having no real intentions of developing the crypto in the future. Dogeverse on the other hand, is the first meme coin to reside on multiple blockchain networks. 

This introduces an unprecedented level of utility into the meme coin sector, as investors are able to seamlessly shift value across blockchains. What’s more, token holders can participate in high-yield generating opportunities on the most liquid and active chains. These networks include Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB chain, Ethereum and even Base.

Investors won’t even have to leave the Dogeverse ecosystem to start earning high yields because the project is offering ICO buyers a native staking program with a 53% APY.

Due to DOGEVERSE’s unmatched utility and the high rewards it’s offering investors at this early stage, crypto YouTuber Jacob Bury named DOGEVERSE one of the best five meme coins to buy now. 

Offering Investors Last Chance To Buy

Over $15 million has been sent to DOGEVERSE’s ongoing ICO as investors scramble to get in early on this potentially explosive opportunity. With the meme coin’s presale approaching its final phase, anyone looking to acquire the token at this early stage has one last opportunity.

To buy the crypto, investors can make use of the simple buy widget embedded on the project’s website. Given DOGEVERSE’s multi-chain nature, there are several payment options available.

Buyers can use BNB, MATIC, SOL, ETH, BASE or AVAX to buy DOGEVERSE. USDT or bank cards can also be used to purchase the crypto.

It’s important to note, however, that the staking opportunity offered to ICO investors is on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, anyone looking to lock up their tokens for the 53% rewards will need to buy the token using ETH.

Purchase and stake DOGEVERSE here for up to 53% in annual rewards.

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