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OpenSea Reportedly Shadow-Bans CryptoReapers NFTs – What’s Happening?

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OpenSea, one of the world’s largest web3 marketplaces for non-fungible tokens, has reportedly started clamping down on some NFT collections that are least traded from its NFT market platform. The shadow banning of NFTs appears just a few days after a recent study suggested that 95% of NFT collections are worthless.

OpenSea Starts Shadow-Banning Less Interactive NFTs

In an October 03 blog post, Benie, a renowned crypto user and NFT influencer, shared that it appears an NFT collection, “CryptoReaper,” is now shadow-banned on the OpenSea NFT market platform. In this article, we shall dig in-depth to discover what is happening.

Launched in 2021, CryptoReapers is an NFT collection featuring a limited edition of 320 digital items hosted on the Ethereum network. Since its inception, the NFT collection has made 134 sales, amassing a trading sales volume of 2.335 ETH or just $3,887.

CryptoReaper’s relatively lower sales and lack of interactiveness have made the OpenSea NFT market platform think they aren’t commercial enough. Meanwhile, big NFT projects and connected Wagmi individuals or artists continue getting instant verified status with a slick home page feature.

OpenSea Keeps On Suffering Bad Reputation

OpenSea NFT marketplace’s bearish move has made it suffer yet another bad reputation, with many crypto community members citing that I would embrace empowering creators rather than dumping them. Expressing his disgruntlement, Bennie remarked:

“This is typically smaller indie artists that it thinks aren’t commercial enough. This is not the right way.”

In August, the NFT marketplace OpenSea announced shifting from the mandatory creators’ fees enforcement to optional creator fees. Their recent policy change meant that NFT collectors and sellers could choose whether to contribute back to the original artists through royalty payments.

At the time, Opensea’s bearish move attracted a heated debate about the fundamental principles of compensation and ownership within the nascent NFT ecosystem. The action caused OpenSea to suffer a bad reputation, with top NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club creator and Rarible threatening to withdraw their support.

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