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OpenNode Brings Lightning Network to Everyday Bitcoin Transactions

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The only thing missing in the digital currency space was a payment processor that was powered by the acclaimed Lightning Network. To this effect, the introduction of OpenNode satisfies that need and being the first of it’s kind, and it indeed looks like a promising innovation.

OpenNode’s Features

A platform suitable for businesses of all sizes, the tools and features are designed to ensure that using bitcoin is more accessible for both customers and merchants. This advent also eliminates the barriers that are usually faced while making bitcoin transactions such as high transaction fees and technical integrations.

Transacting with bitcoin along the famed Lightning Network will be instant and will incur almost zero fees. Things like the OpenNode payment processor will return bitcoin to a convenience medium of exchange. There’s even hope of bitcoin payments becoming easier than credit card transactions.

With the Bitcoin network growing quickly and mass-adoption following closely in the mainstream market, a group of bitcoin designers and lightning network explorers are working on a product to simplify the current suite of crypto tools. The developers believe a genuine user experience will be the stepping stone in this process.

Open Node User Interface

User-Friendly Interface

(Source: OpenNode)

OpenNode boasts the following features:

  1. Multiple payment options: Lightning & on-chain
  2. No frauds or chargebacks
  3. Competitive pricing
  4. In-house dashboard
  5. Automatic and manual withdrawals
  6. Customizable plugins & convenient APIs

The Roadmap

To edge an inch closer to perfection, the people at OpenNode are testing it with their own community and working on feedbacks in real-time. Furthermore, to better scale their services, multiple new merchants will be called on-board.

Shopify and other e-commerce platforms will be getting plugins to make OpenNode available at various webstores. The firm is also in talks with PoS businesses and other resources to introduce Lightning Network-enabled devices. As stated on the blog:

“There is a lot of work ahead, but we couldn’t be more excited to pave the way for this revolutionary technology with all of you.”

Previously, the team worked on similar products, with the end-goal of augmenting bitcoin’s adoption rate. As per the blog, the team also contributed to the world’s first Lightning Network wallet: Zap.

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