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Open API Cryptocurrency Exchanges Launches IPFS Protocol to Facilitate Security Token Trading

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A developer of decentralized ERC-20 token exchange powered by P2P hypermedia protocol from Protocol labs launches private IT-backed security token.

To remove the challenges linked to traditional IPO investing, the security trading platform BaseCore leverages its very own security token: BaseCore token; a stable coin backed by the underlying portfolios of private IT companies. Two major components make up the BaseCore token. An investment element, based on reportedly high-yield assets in the portfolio secured by non-public IT startup assets. A stabilizing component, attained by settling on a “base” redemption price determined by the value of the underlying assets.  This established buyback value is honored by BaseCore for all of its token holders. No matter the volatility of the crypto markets, the company assures that this base price guarantees the foundational value of the token.

The backbone of BaseCore is Excalibur, a fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and the project’s token trading exchange protocol.

Security token trading exchange powered by Protocol Labs’s IPFS P2P system

Most cryptocurrency exchanges are not fully decentralized, not to mention that many encounter security flaws. TokenStore, for example, has UX (user experience) problems that make navigation challenging for the end user. In an attempt to combat such issues, Excalibur Protocol merges intuitive design with basic UX concepts into an easy-to-use single-page application that uses the IPFS hypermedia protocol from Protocol Labs to attain complete decentralization.

By implementing IPFS, users can access the Excalibur interface regardless of server performance. With every new release of the protocol, a unique hash is created to prevent source code spoofing and unexpected DDOS attacks commonly present on centralized exchanges. In terms of development, the team at BaseCore is currently focused on adding new tools for dealing with security asset statistics and portfolios. At the moment, Excalibur is in closed alpha testing. Users may gain access by requesting an invitation.

Making investing in crypto more secure with security tokens

Unlike other asset classes, cryptocurrencies are the most volatile because regulations are in flux across the globe. Even though the blockchain industry has tremendous potential, limited regulatory oversight enables hype and speculation, triggering constant market manipulation. According to SEC ( US Securities and Exchange Commission) officials, the ICO market on a global level is unregulated and many investors still cannot tell the difference between a good investment and a scam.

The rising trend of a new form of crypto funding, STOs (security token offerings), are entering the market to help create stability when investing in cryptocurrency assets. As opposed to ICOs where companies need to be Blockchain-based, or IPOs where investors need to be qualified to participate, an STO taps into a different market where micro-investors get ownership rights in the company in the form of passive income such as dividends.

So far this year, 23 startups reached unicorn status according to Crunchbase data. However, many investors are deprived of the opportunity to invest in an IPO. A new blockchain-based project enters the scene with a security token and trading platform linked to real-world assets. The BaseCore token targets investors who want access to private IT companies and startups and make a profit from capitalization and growth rates of these companies.

Future updates on the exchange platform will include a detailed dashboard for assessing balance, the expansion of additional analytical tools (based on the votes of the users), the ability to use a hash to perform private exchanges, automatic order execution, the ability to perform deposits in cash and create an inner stable coin, and a desktop and mobile app.



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