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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Wednesday, June 26 — AIOZ Network, Ethereum Name Service, OriginTrail, Notcoin

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Although cryptocurrency prices have been falling for a while, the overall feeling in the market remains positive. Recently, Bitcoin (BTC) has dropped to $61K, and Ethereum (ETH) is striving to return to $3,500.

However, identifying the next cryptocurrencies to explode might take some work as most funds are attracted to pumping assets. Today’s article explores the performance of cryptocurrencies that have dominated the gainers list in the last 24 hours. The objective is to identify coins with some potential and inform investors and traders about each token. 

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Today’s article discusses the performance of potentially explosive cryptos that investors should add to their watchlist. It also includes a special mention of Pepe Unchained, a new Pepe-themed meme coin launched on its Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain. Within minutes, it attracted over $150,000 in investments. The details of its presale and the performance of the top-performing cryptos today are shared below.

1. AIOZ Network (AIOZ)

AIOZ Network is a decentralized project that distributes digital content like videos, music, and images. Founded in 2021 by Erman Tjiputra, it uses Blockchain technology to ensure safe and efficient content sharing.

Decentralized platforms are becoming popular because they offer better compensation for independent creators. These platforms reduce reliance on monopolistic distribution services that take a large share of the profits. On the AIOZ Network, transactions are settled with AIOZ tokens, allowing content creators to be paid directly by consumers without intermediaries.

AIOZ Network Price Chart

Today, AIOZ is priced at $0.877799, reflecting a 17.40% increase in the past 24 hours. With a market capitalization of $555.37 million, it ranks 119th among cryptocurrencies. AIOZ is trading 1,104.05% above its 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) of $0.041955. The current price prediction sentiment for AIOZ is bullish. However, the Fear & Greed Index stands at 43, indicating fear.

On the other hand, the 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 48.22, suggesting the cryptocurrency is neutral and may trade sideways. Additionally, AIOZ has outperformed 97% of the top 100 crypto assets, including Bitcoin, up 1,669.94%, and Ethereum, up 1,873.82%.

2. Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

In the last seven days, the ENS price corrected by 6.56%; over the past month, it decreased by 3.74%. However, in the past 24 hours, the ENS portfolio saw a 10.45% increase despite an 11.90% drop in trading volume. This year, the altcoin’s value has risen by 146%, showing a long-term positive trend.

The MACD technical indicator shows a flatline on the price chart, reflecting weak price movement for the Ethereum-based token. The averages indicate a neutral trend, suggesting uncertainty about the future of the Ethereum Name Service price. If the bulls continue to push, the ENS coin price could retest its upper resistance level of $30. On the other hand, if a bearish reversal occurs, the altcoin might lose momentum and drop to its low of $19.10.

Ethereum Name Service Price Chart

Analysts predict that Ethereum Name Service (ENS) could deliver nearly 10x returns to investors by 2025. Over the last 24 hours, the price of ENS jumped to $25.33. This increase followed the announcement that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is ending its investigation into whether Ethereum is a security.

The positive sentiment around Ethereum also benefited other ERC-20 tokens, reducing worries about potential securities law issues. After Consensys shared that the SEC had concluded its investigation into Ethereum 2.0, a significant investor purchased 5,603 $ETH ($19.6M), further lifting market confidence. In June, ENS bulls attempted but failed to break the $28.57 resistance, causing the token to fall back to the $19.67 support level.

3. Pepe Unchained (PEPU)

Pepe Unchained quickly raised over $150,000 just minutes after its launch and has exceeded $820K. This frog-themed meme coin aims to replicate the original Pepe’s (PEPE) success. Currently, it ranks as the third-largest meme coin in the crypto market, with a market capitalization nearing $5 billion.

Unlike its predecessor, Pepe Unchained operates on its own proprietary Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain. This allows the project to address the common issues of scalability, speed, and efficiency that typically affect meme coins on the Ethereum Layer 1 blockchain.

Pepe Unchained is a Layer-2 (L2) blockchain meme coin that offers investors greater efficiency in seizing market opportunities. Instead of holding on for dear life (HODLing) for high returns, investors can benefit from a 3,614% annual percentage yield (APY) by staking PEPU tokens. Currently, you can buy $PEPU tokens for $0.0080641 each. Since the price will increase in less than two days, it’s wise to buy soon to secure the best deal.

Visit the Pepe Unchained Presale

4. OriginTrail (TRAC)

OriginTrail excels with its robust infrastructure designed to provide reliable AI knowledge. It fights misinformation and ensures information authenticity and traceability. At its center is the innovative Decentralized Knowledge Graph, a solid repository for AI-ready assets. This graph efficiently organizes data, allowing businesses to find verified information easily.

The native token of OriginTrail, TRAC, powers various operations within the network. It publishes, updates, and maintains Knowledge Assets on the Decentralized Knowledge Graph, ensuring secure and transparent data sharing. Additionally, TRAC acts as collateral on OriginTrail nodes, motivating node operators to perform honestly and efficiently. This helps maintain the network’s integrity and reliability.

OriginTrail Price Chart

The project began in 2017-2018, and its $TRAC token was launched in 2018. The current price of the token is $0.7364, with a market cap of $299.67 million. Out of a maximum and total supply of 500 million tokens, 406 million are in circulation. Over the past year, the token has increased by 183.63%. However, it is still 78.96% below its all-time high of $3.50, indicating significant growth potential.

In the last 24 hours, OriginTrail experienced a 9.86% increase, demonstrating positive momentum in trading activity. The token trades at $0.7364, 140.42% above the 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA). The 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) is neutral at 46.82, indicating balanced market sentiment. Despite having moderate liquidity with a volume-to-market-cap ratio of 0.0083, OriginTrail remains a stable investment.

5. Notcoin (NOT)

Notcoin (NOT), a play-to-earn clicker game on Telegram, has increased by over 14%. This rise happened after the team announced a large token burn and offered significant incentives to users. As of now, NOT is trading at $0.01623. Its daily trading volume has risen by 34.39% to $499.81 million. The market cap has also increased by 13.77%, reaching $1.662 billion, making it the 53rd largest crypto asset, according to CoinMarketCap.

Notcoin Price Chart

The surge in Notcoin’s value came after a June 25 announcement. The team revealed they had burned $3 million worth of NOT tokens and detailed a $4.2 million incentive plan for Gold and Platinum users of the Notcoin Explore platform. This token burn is part of Notcoin’s strategy to enhance tokenomics and add value for users. By reducing the total supply, they aim to create scarcity, which could increase the token’s value and attractiveness.

Another reason for Notcoin’s recent surge is its June 26 announcement. They stated that $2.5 billion in NOT tokens are being distributed to the Notcoin community. This airdrop is said to be larger than those by ZkSync and LayerZero combined. At its peak, the total airdrop value for Notcoin was $2.5 billion, compared to $954 million for ZkSync and $323 million for LayerZero.

Currently, NOT is facing resistance around $0.0145 to $0.015. This resistance needs to be broken to start a new upward trend. However, the token has established a strong base between $0.013 and $0.014, suggesting a strong upward movement could be imminent.

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