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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Tuesday 21 November – TG.Casino, Klaytn, ApeCoin

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ApeCoin APE
ApeCoin APE

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The global cryptocurrency market capitalization has experienced a slight uptick, reaching $1.41 trillion, indicating a modest 0.21% increase in the last 24 hours. The next cryptocurrency to explode keeps getting more leverage to express itself in the market.

The total trading volume across the crypto sphere surged to $55.66 billion in 24 hours. It shows a substantial 38.98% surge. Among these figures, the decentralized finance sector contributed $5.14 billion, constituting 9.23% of the total crypto market volume. Notably, stablecoins dominate the trading landscape, accounting for $50.14 billion, marking an overwhelming 90.08% of the entire crypto market’s 24-hour volume.

Bitcoin maintains its dominance at 51.64%. It indicates a modest increase of 0.21% over the day.

crypto heat map

Asian shares soared to fresh two-month peaks on Tuesday, following a robust rally on Wall Street, while the dollar remained subdued, hovering near its lowest point in two-and-a-half months. This slide in the dollar is underpinned by the prevailing anticipation that the U.S. Federal Reserve has concluded its series of interest rate hikes.

Investor attention on Tuesday will be keenly fixed on the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting minutes. This release will be closely analyzed to discern insights into the future trajectory of interest rates. Additionally, the focus will center on the earnings report from Nvidia (NVDA.O), a company that achieved a record high on Monday.

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Wall Street witnessed an upsurge on Monday, with the three major stock averages showing positive gains. The Nasdaq led the charge with a 1% rally, buoyed by heavyweight Microsoft (MSFT.O), which soared to an all-time high following Sam Altman’s recruitment announcement. Altman, the former head of OpenAI, recently joined Microsoft’s ranks after he departed from OpenAI last week.

November has seen a substantial recovery in stock markets, primarily fueled by a flurry of data indicating a potential ease in U.S. inflation. This has bolstered speculations that the Federal Reserve might have concluded its monetary tightening measures, and instead, rate cuts could be on the horizon for the upcoming year.

1. ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin (APE) is one of the top assets in the market, seeing notable changes today to the point of being suggested as the next cryptocurrency to explode. It has witnessed a substantial surge in its market value, trading at $1.52 with a 24-hour trading volume of $146.96 million. This surge reflects a 10.53% price increase in the last 24 hours and a 2.15% rise in the past seven days. ApeCoin’s circulating supply is 370 million tokens, attributing a market cap of $558.23 million.

APE price chart

The highest recorded price for ApeCoin (APE) stands at $26.70, noted on April 28, 2022, marking a remarkable peak in its valuation. The current price is approximately 94.37% lower than this all-time high.

On the other end, approximately a month ago, the all-time low for ApeCoin (APE) was documented at $1.01 on October 10, 2023. The present price of $1.52 represents a 49.14% increase from this historical low point.

ApeCoin (APE) demonstrates a fully diluted valuation of $1.49 billion, based on the statistical assumption of a maximum circulation of 1 billion APE tokens. However, this FDV might span multiple years, depending on the designed emission schedule for APE tokens.

Over the last seven days, ApeCoin (APE) has seen a price increase of 1.90%, indicating an underperformance compared to the global cryptocurrency market, which recorded a 3.70% rise. Compared to similar Polygon Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, which observed a stable trend with no change in value, ApeCoin showcases a notable performance.

The current community sentiment for ApeCoin (APE) appears bullish, as more than 81% of users express positivity about the coin’s trajectory and potential. ApeCoin’s recent surge, although experiencing fluctuations, shows notable price movements, signifying an active market interest and investor sentiment toward the token.

2. Klaytn (KLAY)

Klaytn (KLAY) is also gaining today. The asset has seen a notable price surge, reaching $0.182599 and a 24-hour trading volume of $23.72 million. This uptrend marks a substantial 6.51% increase in the last 24 hours and a 10.65% rise in the past seven days. With a circulating supply of 3.3 billion KLAY tokens, Klaytn currently holds a market cap of $597 million.

KLAY price chart

Klaytn’s (KLAY) historical peak was registered at $4.34 on March 30, 2021, reflecting a significant valuation milestone. The current price is approximately 95.80% lower than this all-time high.

On the contrary, the lowest recorded price for Klaytn (KLAY) was $0.060440, dated April 29, 2020, at its all-time low. The current price of $0.182599 indicates a notable 201.79% rise from this historical low point.

Over the last seven days, Klaytn (KLAY) has showcased a robust performance with a 10.60% price surge, outpacing the global cryptocurrency market with a 3.70% increase. When juxtaposed against similar Layer 1 (L1) cryptocurrencies, Klaytn demonstrates a more robust performance, recording a 2% increase among its peer group.

The prevailing market sentiment for Klaytn (KLAY) is mainly bullish, with more than 57% of users expressing positive sentiment regarding the coin’s trajectory and prospects. Its recent upward price trajectory, accompanied by positive sentiment within the community, signifies an active market interest and confidence in the coin’s potential to be the next cryptocurrency to explode.

3. TG.Casino (TGC)

Amidst the enthusiasm surrounding cryptocurrency casinos, many prominent analysts and Web3 influencers have spotlighted TG.Casino as a project holding immense promise. Once it launches on crypto exchanges, they believe it will begin its smooth journey as the next cryptocurrency to explode.

According to some of these analysts, TG.Casino is poised to experience a tenfold increase following its exchange launch. However, given its modest market capitalization at launch, this projection may scratch the surface of its potential trajectory.

This sentiment finds resonance in the analysis of HotCuppaCrypto, a renowned YouTuber who speculates that TG.Casino could surge a hundredfold post its IEO.

The excitement surrounding TG Casino reverberates across social media platforms, notably through the TG.Casino Twitter account. It boasts a follower count exceeding 10,000 and consistently amassing thousands of impressions on its tweets.

Reputable commentators have also thrown their weight behind TG.Casino. Eric Cryptoman, a prominent trader, hailed it as an “exceptionally high-level casino” and revealed a substantial personal investment made during the presale.

TG.Casino has garnered significant investor support with endorsements from industry stalwarts, evident in its explosive presale performance.

Launched seven weeks ago, the presale has raked in over $2.6 million, marking the halfway point toward its hard cap. As the clock ticks, prospective buyers are urged to secure TGC at its discounted presale price before the window closes.

However, delving deeper reveals the project’s extensive potential. The presale has attracted substantial funds, drawing the attention of large investors, commonly referred to as “whales.”

In a recent instance, one whale poured $50,000 into the presale and subsequently staked their holdings. The presale’s momentum surged further as it amassed a remarkable $300,000 in a single day, a testament to the project’s growing recognition and its substantial potential to revolutionize the crypto casino landscape.

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4. Gnosis (GNO)

Gnosis (GNO) has surged ahead in the crypto space, currently at $190.66, with a trading volume of $5.45 million over 24 hours. The coin witnessed a 6.86% surge in the last day and a remarkable 16.03% increase in the past week. This performance surpasses the global cryptocurrency market, which rose by 3.40%, and similar Layer 1 (L1) cryptocurrencies recorded a 1.60% increase.

GNO price chart

The sentiment among users is overwhelmingly positive, with more than 100% expressing bullishness about Gnosis today. GNO may become the next cryptocurrency to explode if the bullish momentum continues.

Gnosis stands out as a developer of cutting-edge decentralized financial market solutions. The platform is built around three interconnected market segments: Conditional Framework tokens, Gnosis protocol, and Gnosis safe. These segments facilitate user activities, including generating, trading, and securely storing digital assets on Ethereum.

Emphasizing unbiased and transparent access, Gnosis provides an open platform for users worldwide, offering consistent markets, pricing, and liquidity. One of its notable services, the Gnosis multi-sig wallet, has established Gnosis as a frontrunner in secure money management.

A key aim of Gnosis is to establish an impartial market for future estimation through data collection. Leveraging Ethereum’s decentralized nature, Gnosis simplifies the integration of essential data from human and AI agents to predict future events. The platform’s primary proposition is to objectively determine future attributes, such as fee rates, without relying on the trustworthiness of a central entity.

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