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Next Cryptocurrency To Explode Thursday, March 28 – GateToken, NFPrompt, Aevo 

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Today’s outlook in the crypto market is relatively upbeat, with many assets posting increasing intraday prices. Nevertheless, the euphoria is much less, as most assets need help finding momentum to break above their recent ATH values. 

Investors searching for the next cryptocurrencies to explode are now turning to newer crypto projects due to the higher potential upsides of the assets. Tokens like Aevo, NFPrompt, and older tokens like GT are gaining popularity due to emerging trends in their narrative. Hence, investors are betting that these tokens have the potential for explosive growth. 

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Even though listed tokens are getting the larger share of crypto investments, the upcoming crypto projects are also gaining investors’ interest. The recent performance of Dogecoin20 shows that investors are still willing to take risks on crypto newcomers. The token achieved its hard cap of over $10 million within a few days of its presale offering, and the team is moving to accommodate more investors by extending the presale offering. Below is a summary of the Dogecoin20 presale.

1. NFPrompt (NFP) 

NFPrompt is one of the recent additions to the BNB chain, and its visibility is generally impressive. The token kicked off with a significant investor appeal as many early adopters flocked to take a sizable potion in the NFP token, which is the native cryptocurrency of the platform. Following its debut, the project rerecorded a massive price surge, putting it near $1.5 and a valuation of over $250 million. 

NFP Price Chart

However, the recent exploit on the platform has caused a significant price decline for NFP, causing over a 20% drop in its price. As of the time of writing, it trades at about $0.8, much below its opening price at launch. 

Notwithstanding, the price decline presents an opportunity to buy the dip of the asset. NFP boasts strong fundamentals and a healthy community of investors. Hence, the token will likely regain its high value over the coming weeks or months. 

Currently, the team is moving to swap the existing NFP tokens with newly designed replacements across all holders’ wallets and exchanges, and the balance is reported to throw its weight behind the initiative. The team is moving in the hope of erasing the stolen tokens during the explosion on the chain. With that, NFP should find the support needed to return to its upward trend. It’s best to monitor the asset’s trend to identify trading opportunities that might present themselves due to the ongoing situation. 

2. Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) 

Doge is projected to go live on exchanges on the doge day. The 20th of April is usually the day the crypto community celebrates the fun side of cryptocurrency. The day the Doge community reminds the world that crypto is not always about investing alone. It’s also about mutual growth and fun. 

The Dogecoin20 community has showcased these facts through the recently concluded presale offering. It took only a few weeks to raise the hard cap of $10 million, which has testified to the potential of the project and its supportive community. 

While the tokens allocated for the DOGE20 presale offers are sold out, the team is moving to meet demands for more tokens as the launch date is rescheduled. A portion of tokens earmarked for marketing is now available to investors who still wish to purchase the DOGE20 token at presale price. Degeners only have 22 more days to seize the opportunity. 

The chance to buy the token at a discount elapses as soon as it goes live on exchanges. Further instructions on participating in the presale’s final phase are available on the project’s presale page. 

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3. GateToken (GT) 

Gate token is trading near its 16-month stride towards its ATH value after the asset posted over 28% gains today. The GT token is generally known for its role in the GateChain. It serves as the native token of the network and is also used to pay for transactions. GT holders also earn rewards for staking their tokens, which accounts for the deflation in the token supply.

The recent spike in the use cases of the Chain has fuelled the increasing price of the GateToken. The token’s price is equally responding favorably to the listing announcement made by the platform’s exchange, The exchange recently announced the listing of several highly successful assets, which has given increasing visibility to the ecosystem. 

GT Price Chart

According to data from GT’s chart, investors should expect a continued uptrend in the coming days and some momentary pullbacks along the way. The asset’s RSI readings signify an overvalued scenario, which would likely fuell the pullback. Nevertheless, the overall outlook of the GT token appears promising, with the price trading above its long-term moving averages. 

Similarly, the temperament of the crypto market is positive, positioning GT to take on more upside. Other factors contributing to the GT token’s upside potential are the strong fundamentals of GateChain and its ecosystem. The token’s appeal will likely increase as the chain’s visibility increases. 

4. Aevo (AEVO) 

Aevo is a new crypto project that recently gained popularity during the heat of the bull market. It is a decentralized exchange that taps into the pre-launch projects markets by offering trading access to these assets. It equally offers options and perpetual trading in addition to the former. The platform is said to be the brainchild of some individuals who launched Ribbon Finance.

As of the time of writing, AEVO is valued at over $350 million in market cap, with a price of about $3.3. Its overall performance has largely been parabolic since its launch, with a momentary dip that plunged its price as low as $2.01 before swinging into an uptrend. In the last 24 hours, 

AEVO Price Chart

Its price has received an increase of over 10%, and trading volume has increased by over 100%. With the volume of AEVO moving across the market at over twice its current price, the likelihood of further upward pressure on price is high, particularly as investors perceive high liquidity. 

Another essential factor that puts AEVO among the next cryptocurrencies to explode is the recent listing on the OKX exchange. Also, the project recently announced the commencement of the staking and incentive programs, which reward holders for staking their AEVO tokens on the platform. 

The AEVO tokens have a lot in stock, and it’s already onboarding cryptocurrencies across several chains. As the demand for its services increases, the value of the AEVO token would likely follow the same trajectory. It’s best to monitor the progress of the asset to unveil investment opportunities. 

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