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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Thursday, June 20 — Arkham, Worldcoin, Turbo, SingularityNet

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The AI crypto sector is gaining attention, and various parts of the crypto world are seeing a resurgence in demand. Similarly, Altcoins and metaverse tokens are picking up speed, hinting at an upcoming bull run and signaling the potential start of an altseason.

With expectations of a bull market, altcoins are poised for significant gains this week. Analysts think this might produce more explosive performance for meme coins, too. However, Bitcoin’s dominance has overall gone up this year, showing that the market is mixed.

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Attention in the crypto market in the coming month will be directed toward altcoins and meme coins as the market anticipates a bull run. Investors can capitalize on the moment and take a position in upcoming tokens like the 99Bitcoins token. 99Bitcoins token’s transition from the ERC-20 to the BRC20 token standard enables developers to create a new token standard. This post covers the details of its presale.

1. Arkham (ARKM)

Arkham is a blockchain analysis platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the individuals behind blockchain and on-chain data. It offers two primary features: the Analytics Platform and the Intel Exchange. The Analytics Platform provides insights into various entities, exchanges, funds, whales, and tokens. Meanwhile, the Intel Exchange allows users to buy and sell address labels and other intelligence through bounties, auctions, or the DATA Program.

ARKM’s price is $1.87 today, marking a 16.36% increase over the past 24 hours. Its 14-Day Relative Strength Index (RSI) is 59.20. This indicates that the cryptocurrency is currently neutral and may trade sideways. However, the ARKM price prediction sentiment is optimistic. The Fear & Greed Index is at 60 (Greed), suggesting increased token transactions and a growing expectation for an uptrend.

ARKM Price Chart

Unlike many platforms that focus on specific blockchains or limited data sources, Arkham stands out by offering extensive blockchain coverage. It gathers and combines data from various chains using its unique AI system, ULTRA. This allows users to gain insights from a holistic view of the crypto ecosystem.

ARKM has solid fundamentals and support from a dedicated crypto community, which gives it significant growth potential. If the bullish trend in the crypto market continues, ARKM Coin might be one of the next cryptocurrencies to surge.

2. Worldcoin (WLD) 

The WLD price surged today after Worldcoin announced its expansion to Ecuador. Worldcoin, co-founded by OpenAI’s Sam Altman, aims to introduce its World ID orb verifications nationwide. This expansion represents a significant step in Worldcoin’s mission to create a global identity verification network. Additionally, the announcement has boosted investor confidence, contributing to the rise in WLD prices.

Currently, WLD price has increased by 12.51% to $3.11, while its one-day trading volume has decreased by 2.58% to $203.17 million. In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency hit a low of $2.75. Moreover, WLD Open Interest increased by over 13% today to $138.71 million. Despite bearish AI predictions suggesting the price could drop to $2, an upward trend could invalidate these forecasts, with optimistic predictions suggesting WLD might reach $4.5 by year-end.

Worldcoin Price Chart

Worldcoin’s move into Ecuador has boosted its native cryptocurrency, WLD. After the announcement, WLD’s price significantly increased, showing investor confidence in Worldcoin’s potential in new markets.

Additionally, Worldcoin is focused on growing in Latin America, especially Argentina. The company is making substantial investments there, aiming to turn Argentina into a regional center for its operations. This includes setting up World ID orb verification sites and opening experience stores.

3. 99Bitcoins (99BTC)

While top altcoins may continue to surge, they offer a different profit potential than the new presale coin, 99Bitcoins. This coin’s presale has already raised over $2.2 million, indicating a promising future rally when it gets listed.

99Bitcoins ($99BTC) has introduced an innovative method to make learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology engaging and rewarding. The platform transforms crypto education into an interactive game where users earn tokens by completing courses and quizzes.

The process starts with fundamental lessons on blockchain, covering topics like decentralized finance (DeFi) coins, staking protocols, and token standards. As users finish these basic courses, they receive 99BTC tokens as rewards. More advanced content unlocks additional tokens as users progress.

A significant feature of the platform is its leaderboard system, which tracks each user’s progress and fosters friendly competition to earn more tokens. Once users earn 99BTC tokens, they can immediately stake them, allowing their holdings to grow. The platform’s dashboard shows a solid staking yield, with over 1.3 billion 99BTC tokens already pledged by the community.

This blend of interactive learning, token rewards, and staking opportunities creates a cycle that keeps users continuously engaged. The more educational material users complete, the more tokens they earn, which can be staked for further returns.

Initially, the 99Bitcoins Token will operate on the Ethereum network using the ERC-20 standard. However, the team plans to transition to an experimental protocol called BRC-20. BRC-20 inscribes data directly onto individual “satoshis,” the smallest units of Bitcoin. This integration will make 99BTC tokens part of the world’s most secure and decentralized network, leveraging Bitcoin’s powerful Proof-of-Work system instead of smart contracts.

Visit the 99Bitcoins Presale.

4. Turbo (TURBO)

Turbo is an exciting new player in the meme coin market, operating on the Optimism Layer-2 network. The $TURBO token was recently distributed through an airdrop and is now trading on various exchanges. Turbo is an ERC-20 AI-driven meme coin that began as an ambitious experiment using Chat GPT-4. Unlike many meme coins that aim for quick financial gains, Turbo is notable for its resilience, commitment to innovation, and genuine embrace of technology.

Turbo’s ability to leverage AI to improve speed and efficiency in different applications sets it apart, drawing attention from investors and technology enthusiasts. The token has shown remarkable resilience. Currently, TURBO is priced at $0.005225, with a 22.25% increase in the last day and a 4.91% rise over the past week, making it one of the few alternative coins with a positive trend.

TURBO Price Chart

The market capitalization has also seen gains, reaching $332,684,078. This increase is driven by heightened network activity, with trading volume rising to $116,288,265 after a 91.25% surge. This marks a significant recovery, especially since Turbo has declined since its peak at $0.00978 in May.

Turbo is viewed as a long-term investment with considerable growth potential. An analyst has invested $2,500 in Turbo. Although it hasn’t yet performed strongly, it is expected to flourish during the predicted meme mania phase. With a market cap of $332 million, Turbo is well-positioned for substantial future gains.

5. SingularityNet (SAGIX)

SingularityNET allows for the creation, sharing, and monetization of AI technologies on a large scale. It supports a decentralized AI community, fostering both innovation and collaboration. This cryptocurrency attracts significant attention due to its innovative platform.

SingularityNET Price Chart

After experiencing a bearish trend since the beginning of the month, AGIX has shown strong bullish momentum this week, increasing by 24.60% in the past 24 hours. Additionally, the altcoin has surged by 35.02% over the past two days, indicating a growing positive sentiment. This rise has brought its market cap to $850 million, with trading activity intensifying to reach a 24-hour trading volume of $212.8 million.

The Simple Moving Average (SMA) indicator shows a positive crossover in the 1-day time frame, suggesting increased buying pressure for AGIX crypto. Meanwhile, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates a sharp rise below the oversold range, reflecting a stronger bullish sentiment. Additionally, the average shows a bullish convergence, implying that the price will continue rising this week.

If AI tokens continue to be positively influenced by the crypto market, the AGIX coin price may aim to reach its upper high of $1 soon. Conversely, if investors start taking profits, the SingularityNET price could fall to its lower support level of $0.380.

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