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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Sunday, August 13 – Arweave, Algorand, Solana

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ypredict 2

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What are the next cryptocurrencies to explode? As the market launches into the new week, the most significant advantage of spotting exploding cryptocurrencies is that traders profit immensely from the price action. 

Today’s review highlights some trending cryptocurrencies and their performance in the market so far. 

The impressive output of these tokens in the last 24 hours shows they are not far from explosive gains. 

Next Cryptocurrency to Explode

Also, the article includes what can be described as upcoming cryptocurrencies to explode. One token that fits such a description is the native cryptocurrency of the yPredict project. 

The team behind the project and its presale output show that it might be up to a big start, and investors should look closer at the token. The market may be about to welcome the next penny crypto to explode. 

1. GMX (GMX)

GMX is on the rise. Could this be the moment the GMX stalls its fall and swings back into recovery? GMX has been tending downward since it reached an all-time high of $91. 

However, recent trends on the GMX chart reveal that it might be time investors take the token more seriously. 

GMX is the native token of the GMX platform. It is the governance token of the popular decentralized perpetual exchange, GMX. With the platform, liquidity providers earn fees from the various services provided.

GMX Price Chart

Currently, GMX has a price of $ 46.72 with an intra-day increase of over 4%. Similarly, a trading volume was valued at $ 33.84M in the last 24 hours. Its performance in the said period puts the token on the list of top gainers today. 

Furthermore, one of the factors that might make GMX intriguing to traders and investors is that it is currently outperforming over 86% of the top-ranking cryptocurrencies in the market.

However, before adding GMX to the watch list, there might be a few downsides to note. Firstly, there may be a death cross in the future as the asset’s current price is very much below its 200-day moving average.

With that, bear pressure might force rejection at prices higher than its current value. Furthermore, it’s had less than 15 green days in the last 30 days. Invariably, it might be best to monitor the trend closely before deciding. 

2. Algorand (ALGO)

ALGO is rebuilding its reputation as one of the cryptocurrencies to watch. Following its price decline that’s lasted for almost a year now, the recent performance of the token is serving a new standard and expectations among investors.

Its performance in the last 24 hours further strengthened its up trend, bringing its price to $0.1157. The token is getting close to its $0.12 rejection zone. 

It might be time to closely monitor the ALGO in the coming weeks to see its price direction. If the bulls finally overcome the resistance, the token might experience a spike pushing its price up to $0.1157. 

The growing use cases of the platform contribute to its exploding value; a post shared on its official Twitter handle showcases Folks Router using the Algorand platform for its DEX aggregator. A move is set to optimize liquidity in existing DEXs. While it might be a negligible move compared to the scale of the Algorand platform, it generated some engagement on its platform. More such moves could be all it takes to spark the needed rally. 

Furthermore, long-term holders might be intrigued by the fact that ALGO has had 19 green days in the last 30 days: a feat that presents the potential for an uptrend. 

Algorand Price Chart

Also, another strong point for the ALGO token is its high liquidity, despite its protracted decline. 

The presence of liquidity is a good indicator that more investors will gladly come on board if the token maintains its upbeat performance. 

Is it the right time to buy ALGO? With the long term in view, ALGO is one of the next cryptocurrencies to explode.

However, a medium-term strategy might encounter resistance as its current is below its long-term moving averages. Consequently, there is a likelihood of bearing pressure in the future.

3. Arweave (AR)

Areweave is currently printing impressive pumps in price. With its price action, it might become the next cryptocurrency to explode. 

The token has displayed an impressive journey since its inception, putting over 900% gains in the pocket of early investors. However, is there still time to buy the AR token? 

The price of AR today is $ 5.26, a value that sits 3% above what it recorded yesterday. Additionally, AR has seen a week-long price action that’s helped it retrace from a dip of $4.9 to its current price. Finally, the token faces the $5.2 rejection zone. 

Arweave Price chart

Some of the updates that might help AR scale into explosive growth is its high liquidity. Also, its pumping volume points towards supply pressure and, consequently, a higher price. 

Nonetheless, other factors might work against the potential of the AR price pump. Firstly, the bear market is already taking its toll on AR, with the current price trading below its long-term value. 

Again, its green days in the last 30 days are less than 15, showing the token needs help to attract enough trading interest.

Despite the negative outlook surrounding AR tokens in the past, it’s still essential to keep an eye out for the performance of AR in the coming week. It might be one of the next significant cryptocurrencies to explode.

4. Solana (SOL)

Solana’s high volatility does not stop the chance of the asset becoming one of the next cryptocurrencies to explode. 

Its recent performance puts it in the top percentile in the market. Hopefully, it will recover from its month-long decline and boost its gains.

Today’s performance shows gross deviation from its trend, with gains topping 2% in the early hours. Overall, SOL has had 15 green days in the last 30 days. 

Solana Price Chart

The SOL trend in the last 24 hours includes a pump in trading volumes. It recorded an increase of over 50% in trading volume, contributing to the pump in price. 

Generally, the growing use case of the platform, especially in NFT, has contributed the most to its growing price. However, gross pessimism exists across the crypto market, which accounts for the asset’s frequent retrace and high volatility. 

Would the volume pump make Solana the next cryptocurrency to explode? The trend of the asset is yet to unfold as SOL is still trading around the $24 rejection zone. 

If its current momentum pushes the token’s value above the range, investors might be looking at a $30 price range before the weekend. 

However, SOL has a higher chance of better performance this quarter as the token’s price currently outperforms its 200-day moving average. Also, the token has covered its Y2D loss down to -47%. With that, it might be able to close the quarter in the green. 

5. yPredict (YPRED) 

Even though the yPredict crypto project is still in its presale phase, its influence on its community is undeniable. 

The team behind the project has demonstrated total commitment to the growing community of investors through various exciting offers. 

It accounts for why the presale has continued to thrive, with the funds exceeding $3.44 million. While the target of $4.58 million is still a few steps away, participants have enjoyed exciting values from the platform. 

More recent moves by the team to further improve the platform’s long-term value is the decision to bring in staking options. Eventually, the plan would result in a more deflationary future for YPRED.

As the platform expands and demand for its services increases, the staking initiative would reduce the volume of YPRED in circulation, thereby driving up the asset’s price. 

yPredict is a futuristic project that taps into the AI trend and the established Blockchain space. With that, investors may have to watch out. YPRED could be the upcoming cryptocurrency to explode.

Visit yPredict Presale. 

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