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Next Cryptocurrency To Explode Monday, April 22 — NEAR Protocol, Core, Neo, Ankr

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As the selling pressure stress reduces over the market, many meme coins and altcoins are beginning to reappear on the trending and top gainers list. Investors are still watching how the recent Bitcoin halving event will affect the market. Meanwhile, others focus on discovering the next cryptocurrencies that will perform well.

Moreover, the current bullish market is attracting more investors and enthusiasts. This inflow will likely open the door to a new narrative that might dominate the year’s second quarter. Moreover, the growing interest of retail investors in altcoins and meme coins might also influence the trend of the next cryptocurrencies to explode in the coming months.

Next Cryptocurrency to Explode

Despite market fluctuations, NEAR Protocol boasts a 22.39% weekly surge to $6.90. Its scalability and user-centric approach could reshape decentralized ecosystems. CORE dominates DeFi with a 54% surge last week, inching towards $2.7 by April 16. CORE’s sustained momentum, strategic initiatives, and monthly leap of 277.82% make it a lucrative investment.

The sentiment in the crypto market is relatively high despite the protracted price decline. Today’s article spotlights projects with explosive potential and shares details investors should consider. 

1. NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

NEAR Protocol introduces a new way for apps to be decentralized. It prioritizes handling a lot of activity and being easy to use. With its unique sharding technology, NEAR Protocol ensures transactions happen quickly and safely. This makes it a top choice for developers who want to build apps that can handle a lot of users without sacrificing safety.

NEAR Protocol Price Chart

Investors are paying attention to the NEAR Protocol market. Lately, its performance has been up and down, showing that some investors are confident while others aren’t. Over the past few weeks, the price has gone up and down, reflecting different confidence levels among investors. Traders are closely watching how NEAR Protocol moves in the market and trying to guess what might happen next.

Even with the market fluctuating wildly, NEAR Protocol is still making good progress. As of the time of writing, it was priced at $6.90, a 22.39% increase over the week and a 4.60% increase over the month. This shows that NEAR Protocol is staying strong and continuing to grow.

Considering recent trends, NEAR Protocol’s focus on being accessible for developers could affect its market position. It has the potential to attract interest because it promises to handle a lot of activity and be easy to use. How investors see NEAR’s technology could be a significant factor in what happens to its price in the future, especially as investors who understand technology consider both its innovations and market trends.

2. Core (CORE)

CORE has performed consistently well recently and stood out as a top performer last week. According to CoinMarketCap, its price surged by over 54% last week, reaching above $2. Starting the month around $1.3, CORE steadily rose to $2.7 by April 16. By the weekend, it settled at around $2.1. This rise is nearly a $1 increase from the start of the month.

Further analysis reveals that CORE was trading with a more than 5% increase at the time of reporting, with its market value exceeding $1.9 billion. In the last 24 hours, meme tokens experienced a significant surge, becoming the most valuable tokens during that period.

CORE Price Chart

Observing how CORE maintains support at $2 and moves forward suggests another major rally is imminent. If the upward trend continues and Bitcoin remains favorable, the next target is $4.1. Some investors have previously gained profits of up to 640%.

CORE is a leading player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. The platform strives to offer a robust platform for financial activities and innovative products without traditional financial intermediaries. Despite a slight dip of -3.37%, CORE has seen an impressive monthly leap of 277.82%.

At this current rate, Core could become one of the most lucrative investments in the next quarter and beyond.

3. Neo (NEO)

During a strong bull market, NEO’s token is resilient even in minor corrections, suggesting potential for further surges. This resilience could push the altcoin’s price to $30.

The crypto industry is focused on Bitcoin’s halving event in 2024. If NEO’s team implements strategic initiatives amid growing optimism, NEO’s price could soar to as high as $38.36 by the end of the year.

However, external factors like high inflation or economic instability could negatively impact NEO’s price, possibly bringing it down to $20.55. Finding a balance between buying and selling pressures might stabilize the price around $28.28.

NEO Price Chart

Securing advantageous deals and partnerships with global organizations could propel NEO’s price to a maximum of $61.85 by 2025. Conversely, losing ground to competitors could see NEO’s dominance wane, dropping its price to $33.59. Factoring in various scenarios, the average price could settle at $48.13.

Neo (NEO) has gained recognition since it began, especially for its unique features, like its two-token system. The NEO token is the main cryptocurrency and represents ownership in the Neo market, similar to owning property in a prime area. This setup aims to make the network more secure and faster. These advancements have made NEO a highly desired cryptocurrency.

According to Fibonacci levels, NEO’s price has successfully retested at $19, which is the 100% Fib level. The presence of lower price rejection candles supports the likelihood of NEO’s price continuing to rise.

If the bullish momentum keeps up and surpasses $21, buyers will target the $28 mark. With further support from market recovery, NEO’s price could even exceed $30.

4. Ankr (ANKR)

Ankr’s strong foundation and dedicated crypto community increase its potential for significant future growth. If Ankr forms good partnerships with other networks, the value of its ANKR Coin could exceed $0.087 by 2024.

Assuming the current crypto market continues its positive trend, we expect the average price of Ankr Coin to be around $0.079 by 2024. However, if the crypto market faces a downturn, the minimum value of ANKR Coin could drop to $0.074 in 2024.

ANKR Price Chart

Just recently, Ankr (ANKR) saw a significant increase in trading volume on Upbit. The crypto rose by 186.96% in just one hour, reaching $17 million from the previous average of $6 million. Even though Binance’s volume dropped by 10.08%, from $9 million to $8 million, the signs point towards a bullish trend.

Despite this fluctuation, investors are closely watching ANKR’s upward trajectory. With increasing transactions, analysts are optimistic about Ankr’s future. This optimism has pushed the Greed score above 75, indicating extreme enthusiasm among traders and investors.

Additionally, ANKR has surged by 90% since its breakout, leading to significant profits for vigilant investors. Ankr Network is currently trading at $0.05037, with an estimated 69% increase in price over the past year, demonstrating strong upward momentum.

Moreover, ANKR consistently closes at higher prices than its daily open. This gives investors plenty of opportunities to benefit from the market’s positive momentum and high liquidity.

5. Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE)

Dogeverse is a meme coin that aims to be available on different blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Base, Avalanche, and Solana. This means investors can easily use Dogeverse on their preferred blockchain.

Because Dogeverse works on many blockchains, it aims to make transactions efficient and fast while keeping costs low. Currently, each Dogeverse token is worth $0.000297. 

There are 200 billion Dogeverse tokens, with 30 billion in the presale. Staking rewards make up 10% of the tokens, and 25% is for marketing. Another 25% is for future development, 10% for partnerships, and 5% for listings later. The presale aims to raise at least $8.8 million but could go up to $17 million.

Investors are keen to join the presale early because the development team plans to list Dogeverse on decentralized exchanges first and then move to centralized exchanges later.

Dogeverse also offers a staking feature where token holders can earn rewards by staking their tokens on Ethereum. Currently, the annual percentage yield (APY) for staking Dogeverse tokens is 123%, and over 13 billion tokens have already been staked.

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