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Next Cryptocurrency To Explode Friday, May 10 — The Graph, dogwifhat, Fantom, Helium

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The Graph
The Graph

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Although cryptocurrency prices have been falling for a while, the overall feeling in the market remains positive. Recently, Bitcoin (BTC) has risen above $62,800, and Ethereum (ETH) is striving to stabilize above $3,000, providing some relief to investors.

However, identifying the next cryptocurrencies to explode might be a bit challenging as most funds are attracted to pumping assets. Today’s article explores the performance of cryptocurrencies that have dominated the gainers list in the last 24 hours. The objective is to identify coins with some potential and inform investors and traders about each token. 

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Today’s article discusses the performance of potentially explosive cryptos that investors should add to their watchlist. It also includes a special mention of eTukTuk, an eco-friendly crypto presale where investors can stake their funds and promptly begin earning staking rewards. The details of its presale and the performance of the top-performing cryptos today are shared below.

1. The Graph (GRT)

The price of GRT has shown a strong bullish movement, jumping up by 76% in 24 hours to reach $175.346 million in trading volume. This means the altcoin has increased by 12.70% in the past 24 hours and by 21.94% in the past week.

Over the past day, The Graph (GRT) has experienced a price increase of 16.60%, reaching $0.3118. It’s testing several resistance levels, and traders eagerly await a possible breakout.

The Graph Price Chart

Trader World of Charts suggests that if the price successfully breaks above the resistance, it might increase to $0.50. Alice Crypto also points out that GRT has broken out of a Falling Wedge Pattern, hinting at a potential gain of up to 70% soon.

Additionally, the technical indicator MACD shows increased buying pressure compared to selling pressure in the crypto market. Moreover, the moving averages display a bullish pattern, indicating that the Graph token could continue to appreciate shortly. If the bulls break out, the price could test its resistance level of $0.3550 by the upcoming weekend.

2. dogwifhat (WIF)

After experiencing a downward trend for a month, the Solana-based meme coin saw a significant increase in value, rising by about 16% in the last two days. Additionally, its price is approaching a resistance trendline, but it’s uncertain what will happen next.

WIF’s value increased by 12.3% in the past day, reaching $3.22. This led to a rise in its daily trading volume by 24.68%, totaling $467.6 million. Also, the blockchain data tracker Lookonchain detected activity from a large, anonymous investor in WIF. This investor bought around 1.4 million WIF tokens in the last 12 hours, spending approximately $4.18 million. Currently, the value of these tokens has increased by 7.7%.

dogwifhat Price Chart

The Simple Moving Average (SMA) indicates intense bullish activity in crypto. The MACD histogram stays consistently green, signaling an increase in the buying interest in crypto. The averages trend upwards, indicating a likely continuation of bullish trading next week.

Should the bulls breach the resistance trendline, the WIF price could aim for its upper resistance at $3.90.

3. eTukTuk (TUK)

eTukTuk is a leading eco-friendly crypto presale where investors can stake their funds and promptly begin earning staking rewards. Its primary aim is to swap traditional internal combustion engine Tuk Tuks with electric variants.

This venture’s flagship integrates AI, crypto/blockchain technology, and electric vehicles, paving the way for a sustainable transportation future. Initially targeting developing countries, its vision extends globally.

Many consider eTukTuk a promising investment due to its eco-friendly approach and anticipated market growth. The fact that it is a project focused on sustainability makes investors and enthusiasts predict future demand.

The presale has garnered over $3.2 million in funding, with the TUK token priced at $0.0305. A price increase is expected in less than six hours from the time of writing. This limited timeframe means potential investors should act promptly if interested. The token can be purchased using ETH, USDT, or BNB, as well as through credit or debit card transactions.

Visit the TUK presale here

4. Fantom (FTM)

The FTM token was created to improve the collaboration between different transaction platforms. It uses a smart contract platform called “Direct Acyclic Graph” (DAG) to help the network handle more transactions. People are interested in the FTM incentive program because it offers unique benefits. Some wonder if the FTM price will hit $1 in 2024.

At the time of writing, the FTM value is $0.7319, up 8.94% in one day. Even though it dropped by 26.41% last month, it went up by 6.39% last week. If the Fantom cryptocurrency stays above $0.7090, it is likely to reach $1 in the next few weeks.

Fantom Price Chart

Increasing transaction volumes, the launch of new decentralized applications (dapps), and a successful 335 million FTM incentive program might pave the way for the digital currency to achieve unprecedented success. Transaction volumes could rise further, with the market showing optimism and positive social sentiment.

A growing investor base could indicate a favorable trajectory for FTM’s long-term value. Supported by investors, the currency’s value is anticipated to stay steady, even during market downturns. Furthermore, a surge in positive market activity could push FTM’s value to a high of $1.45.

5. Helium (HNT)

Although Helium’s price hasn’t experienced significant increases recently, its price pattern suggests a potential breakout. After reaching the $4.25 support level, the HNT price is testing the resistance trendline, indicating a possible breakout.

Although the daily price chart shows evidence of increasing bearish influence, the overall market sentiment hints at a breakout rally. Despite a bearish pattern, the 10% rise in Helium’s price from the $4.25 support level suggests a breakout could occur. This bullish movement challenges the overhead trendline and the possibility of a death cross.

Helium Price Chart

HNT reached $5.00 today at 8:00 EST, showing a 10.02% increase. The crypto is poised to cross the $5 mark, which is significant psychologically. With the reversal rally gaining strength, HNT is set to switch directions and move back into a bullish trend. The market, which is in the process of breaking out of a downward channel, is strengthening, suggesting the possibility of a new upward trend.

Analysts and experts anticipate that the breakout rally could reach $10, benefiting from the momentum held back. However, there might be resistance at the $6 and $8 levels. If Helium (HNT) proves itself to be a sound investment in 2024, this year could be positive for the cryptocurrency.

If market momentum and investor sentiment continue to improve, HNT could reach $20. Moreover, as the Helium ecosystem evolves with upgrades and advancements, HNT might surpass its all-time high (ATH) of $55.22 and set a new ATH.

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