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New WordPress Plugin Allows Publishers to Earn ETH for Ad Space 

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Ethereum Transaction Fee Falls to 49-Day Lows
Ethereum Transaction Fee Falls to 49-Day Lows

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WordPress publishers can now interact with Ether as a new plugin for the leading cryptocurrency is now live. Known as “EthereumAds,” the new plugin was launched on December 10. Per the plugin descriptions, users can now sell ad space on their blogs and websites and get paid in Ether using smart contracts.

Give Ads, Earn ETH

The plugin essentially opens ad space upon installation and auction space every two weeks. The highest bidder gets the ad space, and they pay into your account.

EthereumAds works for all kinds of online platforms- websites, blogs, and billboards. Users can earn commissions on ads, regardless of whether their content is crypto-related or not.

The EthereumAds website shows how the service works in greater detail. It’s a bit like Google Adsense but without the tedious application process. It seems the EthereumAds runs as a plug and play. You don’t need any serious registration process here. But, you’ll need an Ethereum wallet to receive your earnings.

It’s unlikely that publishers will abandon the tried and trusted Adsense in favor of the new kid on the block. But, EthereumAds still represent a breath of fresh air. Google’s Adsense has had a frigid history with the crypto space. Last January, Decenter, a major smart contract auditing firm, accused Google of blacklisting keywords mentioning Ethereum on its advertising platform.

Decenter explained that they were a group of developers working with smart contracts and security audits. The company pointed out that its developers saw error messages when trying to use the “Ethereum security audits” and “Ethereum development services” keywords. In response, the Google Ads official account answered:

“Although we wouldn’t be able to preemptively confirm if your keyword is eligible to trigger ads, we’d recommend that you refer to the ‘Cryptocurrencies’ section of our Policy on Financial products and services.”

The search engine giant further added that crypto exchanges could advertise on AdSense if they targeted users in Japan and the United States. So, the rejection was most likely due to Decenter targeting some other regions with their searches.

Liberating Ad-Hungry Crypto Companies from Google

The AdSense platform has also been accused of running ads for fraudulent crypto platforms. In April, crypto exchange CoinCorner reported that the ad platform was running ads for its phishing clone site,

Molly Spiers, the exchange’s marketing manager, told news sources that they had noticed the first fraudulent ad after searching for “CoinCorner” on and While CoinCorner themselves have struggled to place ads on Google for years, the phishing site had little to no problems getting in.

Now that EthereumAds is available, crypto companies should be able to effectively run their ads without having to deal with Google’s endless bureaucracy. However, the plugin will also need a system to separate legitimate crypto firms from phishing sites like

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