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New iEarn Finance dApp Helps Investors Maximize their ROI on DeFi

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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IEarn Finance is a new non-custodian dApp that gives investors the opportunity tobuy Ethereum and maximize their earning yield.

There is no doubt that recreating maximum investment returns on a regular basis is no small feat, even to professional and experienced money managers. iEarn Finance is a dApp that is created for the sole purpose of helping investors earn more by assisting them to take the most viable investment decision using market indices.

As it stands, top Defi investors usually search the market to look for the best risk-adjustment benefits. DeFi depends mostly on market-determined yields, which is the use of the demand and supply chain as the main driver of ROI and interest rates.

Where there are few borrowers for DAI, the borrowing rate and lending yield rate usually reduces. However, higher supply utilization would mean that borrowers will pay more interests while lenders would gain higher yields.

This makes the investment environment a bit more dynamic to the players and investors. Those that want to gain more ground would need to watch the market while investing strategically.

iEarn Finance reducing the cost of labor

iEarn Finance is playing a very important role for these investors. It reduces the laboring cost required for DeFi portfolio optimization. It makes use of decision trees to scan different investment prospects across DeFi. The main goal here is to discover the profitable returns for users, according to their investment capacities.

iTokens and yTokens are the two major assets native to iEarn. iTokens invests in other products to provide direct yields, while yTokens use native liquidity pools to offer yields to investors.

Minting iTokens for the end-user is a straightforward task. End-users simply deposit Ethereum or other accepted tokens into the contract and mint the iToken equivalent of the deposited amount. And there are series of transaction phases the funds go through before they are allocated to each of the components of the investment strategy.

However, the user must have contributed funds in the equal ratio between two ERC-20 tokens or between an ERC-2o token and ETH before they become liquidity providers on Uniswap.

Once their contributions are made, the user funds are divided between ETH and cDAI. Profits are accrued when deposited tokens appreciate or through fees of liquidity provision on Uniswap.

iEarn Finance offers more investment information

One advantage of iEarn Finance is to offer those without information or time to research the option to allow an investment algorithm to seek the information needed when making investment decisions. This will come in handy for new investors or those who are a bit unsophisticated to get the mechanics necessary to maximize their ROI in DeFi.

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