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New ERC-20 Token Combining Meme Coin with AI – Best AI Crypto to Buy in 2024?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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In a bullish crypto market where Bitcoin is achieving significant milestones, investors actively search for the next big opportunity, which is the emergence of the Scotty the AI presale.

Even in the challenging environment for meme coins, Scotty the AI aims to stand out by leveraging the meme coin label to spread the word about its developing ecosystem, presenting unique features and potential returns for early investors amidst the frenzy.

With the growing interest in AI and cryptocurrencies, is Scotty the AI possibly the top cryptocurrency to purchase at the moment?

What is Scotty the AI?

Scotty the AI is a new cryptocurrency project that revolves around AI technology. It combines advanced artificial intelligence with deep blockchain knowledge to act as a guardian of crypto secrets.

This project aims to transform security, fraud detection, and knowledge exploration in the crypto realm. With Scotty’s abilities, it promises significant advancements in protecting the integrity and confidentiality of the crypto world.

The main goals are to establish Scotty the AI as a trusted figure in the crypto community, provide cutting-edge AI-powered security solutions for blockchain, and encourage community involvement and collaboration among crypto enthusiasts.

Additionally, the aim is to make the Scotty Token (SCOTTY) widely recognized as a symbol of trust and security in the crypto market. Scotty the AI offers several standout features. Its advanced AI allows Scotty to analyze complex blockchain data, detect patterns, and identify potential threats with precision.

Scotty’s agility enables quick navigation through the digital realm, while his intuitive fraud detection capability ensures the security of the crypto universe. Furthermore, the project emphasizes transparency and community involvement, with the team relinquishing token ownership and prioritizing community engagement and empowerment.

Traders think Scotty the AI is set for success because its AI technology can boost security and privacy in the blockchain sector. The project merges two popular crypto trends by blending AI and meme coins into a single ecosystem.

Investors see potential for big profits with Scotty the AI as its AI-powered products could be valuable for the community.

Scotty the AI presale and tokenomics

The Scotty Token (SCOTTY) operates as an ERC-20 compatible token constructed on the Ethereum blockchain, serving as the primary currency within the Guardian of the Crypto Universe ecosystem, enabling secure transactions, encouraging participation, and driving the project’s growth.

Scotty the AI has attracted the attention of the crypto community, with tens of thousands of dollars flowing into the presale daily. The presale, conducted in multiple stages, permits early investors to purchase $SCOTTY tokens at discounted rates, with prices incrementally rising in each round, motivating buyers to participate as soon as possible.

Three rounds have successfully concluded, and the fourth round is currently ongoing, offering $SCOTTY tokens at a rate of just $0.0053 each. The community’s support has contributed significantly to the success of Scotty’s presale, with the platform raising over $515k, exceeding 90% of its target amount within a few days of launch.

Out of a total of 1,734,567,890 tokens, 30% (520,370,367) are reserved for the presale. Additionally, 520,370,367 tokens are set aside for ecosystem development, 346,913,578 for staking rewards, 173,456,789 for exchange listings, and 173,456,789 for marketing.

Presale investors can immediately begin accruing staking rewards, yielding a 248% APY on their investment. However, this yield will decrease as the staking pool expands, incentivizing early adopters of the ecosystem. If you’re interested in learning how to buy $SCOTTY tokens, please refer to this guide.

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Scotty the AI roadmap

Scotty the AI’s roadmap details three distinct phases. In Phase 1, the focus is on establishing the Scotty Community, conducting a thorough audit of the Scotty AI Contract, generating tokens, and launching a robust marketing campaign to promote $SCOTTY during the presale.

Phase 2 involves launching Scotty Swap, introducing Chat With Scotty Beta, initiating Blockchain Takeover, promoting the Scotty Awareness Campaign, and introducing Scotty Picks Beta.

Finally, Phase 3 includes listing the $SCOTTY token on popular decentralized exchanges with sufficient liquidity and accessibility, followed by its public launch.

Additionally, $SCOTTY will be listed on centralized exchanges, and community partnerships will be established, including collaborations with the Scotty Times digital newsletter. The roadmap also involves getting listed on platforms like CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap to gain broader visibility and recognition.

Before the upcoming plan listing occurs, you can check our price prediction for $SCOTTY.

Several useful features in development by Scotty the AI

The platform also aims to encourage long-term user adoption by offering valuable features such as staking rewards and upcoming products like ScottyChat, Scotty Swap, and its proprietary blockchain.


Scotty the AI focuses on community engagement and introduces “Chat With Scotty,” an interactive platform for addressing user questions. This versatile tool covers diverse topics, including blockchain technology and complex algorithms.

Scotty leverages advanced natural language processing to understand and respond comprehensively. It caters to both novice and experienced users, offering valuable insights in a user-friendly manner.

Scotty Staking

Users will receive Scotty the AI token rewards at a rate of 82.5 $SCOTTY per ETH block. These rewards will be distributed over a period of 3 years and are determined by your share of the staking pool and annual returns percentage.

Scotty Swap

Phase 3 of Scotty the AI introduces the innovative Scotty Swap Tool, which enables seamless token swaps within the ecosystem. With its intuitive interface and efficient execution, the Scotty Swap Tool enhances liquidity and accessibility for the community.

By integrating advanced algorithms and security protocols, users can easily explore various token pairs. This tool expands possibilities, promoting a vibrant ecosystem, whether users are swapping $SCOTTY for other tokens within the ecosystem or accessing external DeFi tokens.

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