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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today — Basedswap, Alien Base, Digitaliga

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Basedswap Image
Basedswap Image

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As the countdown to the Bitcoin Halving intensifies, so does the excitement in the cryptocurrency industry. Investors are anticipating the upcoming Halving event. In light of this anticipation, traders seek promising coins to build their portfolios. 

InsideBitcoins presents a meticulously curated selection of three promising tokens to aid in this search. Our analysis discusses their tokenomics, utility, potential use cases, strategic partnerships, and other key attributes that make them compelling investment prospects. 

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today

BasedSwap redefines DeFi accessibility, simplifying token exchanges and cross-chain swaps for users worldwide. Digital sports engagement enters a new era with Digitaliga, offering immersive experiences and fan rewards through its DIGITA token. With ambitious expansion plans, Digitaliga aims to connect sports communities globally, disrupting the traditional sports industry. 

Meanwhile, 99Bitcoins is bringing a Learn-to-Earn revolution with interactive educational resources and crypto rewards as anticipation builds for 99Bitcoins ICO, Bitcoin Meme Coin, PUPS Gains Momentum Amid Anticipation for Runes Release.

1. Basedswap (BSW)

BasedSwap revolutionizes the DeFi landscape by streamlining access to various decentralized services. By pooling liquidity from multiple decentralized exchanges on Base, BasedSwap facilitates effortless trading without the hassle of navigating complex protocols.

BasedSwap also facilitates asset transfers between the Base chain and other blockchains, enabling users to move assets quickly across different chains. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a newcomer to the DeFi space, BasedSwap provides accessible solutions tailored to your needs.

Basedswap Price Chart

To engage with BasedSwap, you only need two wallets: one for Ethereum and another for Solana. These wallets interact with BasedSwap across the EVM and Solana networks. Using them ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience. However, users must meticulously set up and back up their recovery mechanisms to safeguard their assets.

BasedSwap enhances the trading experience by simplifying token exchanges and effortlessly facilitating cross-chain swaps. It handles the intricacies of trading so users can focus on their trading strategies without being bogged down by technical complexities. The platform handles everything from comparing market rates to optimizing swaps and factoring in gas costs.

BasedSwap’s user interface mirrors Uniswap’s, with added insights into optimizations to enhance user experience and efficiency. Additionally, the BasedSwap dApp enables users to transact across five chains, including Solana. Thanks to BasedSwap’s cross-chain functionality, unparalleled flexibility, and interoperability, users can move assets to or from other chains.

There’s more. BasedSwap’s routing algorithm, PathFinder, explores all possible trading routes to secure the best rates across multiple decentralized exchanges. Leveraging this advanced algorithm, BasedSwap optimizes capital deployment, maximizes profits, and simplifies payments. It also integrates with well-known decentralized exchanges, like Uniswap, Kyber, and Curve. Doing this expands access to liquidity pools and enhances user trading opportunities.

2. Alien Base (ALB)

Alien Base aims to foster innovation and experimentation while ensuring a secure environment for human participants. At Alien Base, users can explore diverse projects, from established blue-chip tokens to high-potential newcomers, all curated to offer liquidity and traction.

The heart of Alien Base is its decentralized exchange (DEX), which features renowned tokens and serves as the launchpad for fresh projects. Area 51 is a sub-DEX and Launchpad within Alien Base that opens up opportunities for new token launches. It is rigorously vetted to mitigate the risk of scams while allowing for higher-risk opportunities.

Alien Base Price Chart

Moreover, Alien Base introduces visionary trading options, like upcoming leveraged trading through Perpetuals and a binary options platform known as Predictions. These offerings cater to traders seeking diverse strategies and risk profiles.

The Alienbase Token ($ALB) serves as the governance backbone. With a maximum supply of 510,000,000 tokens, $ALB will primarily be distributed through farming with LP tokens on the Alienbase DEX. The emission period spans three years from the Token Generation Event (TGE) on August 8, 2023, after which the platform aims for self-sustainability.

Originally conceptualized with an aggressive distribution strategy, The $ALB emission model underwent adjustments to align with community consensus and market dynamics. A significant portion of the supply is earmarked for project development, marketing initiatives, and team incentives. Additionally, Alien Base adopts a fee-sharing mechanism, where the DAO claims 50% of trading fees to boost participation and fuel expansion. This model aims to deliver tangible rewards to users through “real yield,” distributed directly in highly liquid assets.

With its intuitive user interface and comprehensive utility offerings, Alien Base aspires to be the go-to DEX for traders on Base and beyond. By prioritizing user experience and security, Alien Base ensures a dynamic and enriching trading experience across multiple chains and liquidity sources.

3. 99 Bitcoins (99BTC)

99Bitcoins is an ingenious educational platform revolutionizing learning through its pioneering Learn-to-Earn rewards system. The platform is renowned for its top-tier educational resources tailored to crypto novices. 

99Bitcoins boasts a trusted reputation within the cryptocurrency community. With a legacy from 2013, the platform evolved from humble beginnings into a quintessential Web3 destination. And Bitcoin’s looming halving event will catalyze an already electrifying presale enthusiasm surrounding the $99BTC token. 

Today, 99Bitcoins launched its ICO with the $99BTC token. This token promises an unprecedented earn-as-you-learn journey for its users, setting the stage for a transformative educational experience. The fourteen-round presale aims to raise funds for developments centered around the project’s BRC-20 standard integration.

Furthermore, 99Bitcoins will capitalize on the impending bull run as the Bitcoin network grows. This expansion will be fueled by Layer 2 protocols and the widespread adoption of the BRC-20 token standard. Meanwhile, users will use the 99Bitcoins Learn-to-Earn model to engage in a gamified learning experience. As they deepen their knowledge, they will also earn cryptocurrency rewards.

99Bitcoins Learn-to-Earn model will provide various interactive learning resources, including modules, quizzes, and tutorials. Users will also gain access to comprehensive curricula covering blockchain fundamentals and advanced trading strategies. 

Moreover, token holders unlock many benefits, from staking rewards to exclusive training courses and VIP community access. As Bitcoin’s halving event looms on the horizon, analysts anticipate a surge in demand that may drive bullish market sentiment. Meanwhile, 99Bitcoins presents an enticing airdrop opportunity alongside the presale. This opportunity will further encourage early supporters to join the educational revolution.

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4. Digitaliga (DIGITA)

Digitaliga is a groundbreaking Digital Sports Platform Provider dedicated to revolutionizing sports clubs. This platform has expressed commitment to facilitating sustainable, long-term revenue streams for Sports Clubs while elevating their fans’ loyalty and overall experience.

At the core of Digitaliga’s offerings is a comprehensive suite of applications and features tailored to meet the diverse needs of sports enthusiasts. The platform provides a dynamic ecosystem where fans can engage, interact, and contribute to the success of their favorite clubs. Users will also get cutting-edge NFT Collections to an immersive Digital Football Manager Game.

Digitaliga Price Chart

The Digitaliga Token (DIGITA) is central to this ecosystem. This token will empower fans and users to unlock premium features, participate in community-building initiatives, and access exclusive perks and rewards. Digitaliga Tokens are available for purchase via NFTs. They will pave the way for a new era of fan engagement and financial participation in sports.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Digitaliga is set to revolutionize Airdrops with free and Whitelisted opportunities for fans to claim tokens and reap the rewards. With Airdrop Tokens distributed automatically or claimed through its user-friendly app, fans can look forward to a seamless and rewarding experience.

Built on blockchain technology, Digitaliga’s Digital Sports Platforms seamlessly integrate with the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem. The platform strives to make cryptocurrency trading accessible to all. To achieve this, it has streamlined its account opening process and options for novice and advanced users.

Looking ahead, Digitaliga has ambitious goals for growth and expansion. By the end of 2024, it aims to reach 1 million fans and expand to over 1,000 platforms by 2026. Additionally, Digitaliga seeks to connect with sports communities in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas in order to establish a global presence.

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