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New Coin Listing Pepe 2.0 Explodes on Uniswap – Next Big Meme Coin?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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A new coin Pepe 2.0 is currently exploding on Uniswap. It has already created a buzz in the cryptocurrency industry. Investors are now waiting in speculations to see if it will be the next big hit in the meme coinspace and bring in huge ROI.

Earlier today, the price of Pepe 2.0 was around 3.315e-9, which has now increased to 8.941e-9. At the time of writing this article, Pepe 2.0s trading volume is driving it close to the $10 million mark.

When it comes to meme coins, they seem to follow a similar trajectory.

They are considered a low-cap gem that explodes during pre-sale or initial listing and thus brings in spectacular gains for investors who move quickly. But, soon after their huge pump, they undergo price correction and plummet to the ground. This is why Pepe 2.0 is doing things differently.

What is Pepe 2.0?

This new coin Pepe 2.0 is backed by a great team who has studied the meme coin market closely to ensure they dont make the same mistakes and make a successful billion-dollar run.

The official description of the coin in CoinMarketCap is given as follows:

Learning from past tokens mistakes, blacklisting some investors, launching on a weekend when you were spending time with your family and friends – Pepe 2.0 wants to make things right and redo his billion-dollar run, hes a new version of himself, he is now PEPE 2.0. #PEPE2”.

Does Pepe 2.0 have the Potential to Go Big?

The teams experience and dream of making Pepe 2.0 big could push the coin to great heights. In addition to this, the team also has funds to make it a reality and has already secured utility for the coin. This, coupled with the teams branding and outreach programs, can make this meme coin an unparalleled hit.

Pepe 2.0 Dextools

Pepe 2.0s pool on DEXTools was created earlier today. Its market capital stands over $3 million while its total liquidity is around $192k. The coins total supply is currently at 420690.00B PEPE2.0, while the token holders are around 1.20k.

Pepe 2.0 has a DEXTscore of 77 out of 99 points to judge the projects reliability. The coin also has more than 90% positive votes on DEXTools community trust, which indicates that this meme coin has the potential to ignite an upward price movement.

If you have missed buying Pepe, check out our PEPE price prediction for details.

Is Pepe 2.0 a Good Investment?

Previously, the meme coin season had a good run. They blew up exponentially and thus resulted in solid returns on investments. However, owing to the latest turbulence in the cryptocurrency industry, the meme coins also took a blow, and their prices have gone substantially down from their all-time high. For instance, SpongeBob token has gone down from 9.8e-11 to 1e-11, that more than 85% drop in just a month. PEPE has gone from 1.728e-6 to 1.5e-6, with a 7% drop in its market capitalization.

Investors who had earlier missed the opportunity to buy low and sell big may be interested in Pepe 2.0. But they must note that the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and price change happens every minute. So, it is best to exercise caution while investing.

However, PEPE 2.0 itself is very confident about its potential for growth.

Pepe 2.0 is new, and we dont know much about the coin yet. Thus, it is challenging to estimate if the coin will stand the crypto tide and come out victorious.

Meanwhile, investors may consider another meme coin alternative like Wall Street Memes, which even had a seal of approval from Elon Musk.

Why you should consider WSM- a coin supported by Elon Musk?

We have seen in the past how support from Elon Musk can change a coins trajectory. Case in point, Shiba Inu, which saw substantial growth soon after Musk Tweeted about it.

Ever since then, the meme coin community has been desperate for Musks attention – something that does not come easily.

And now, Wall Street Memes, or WSM, has become the latest meme coin to have grabbed Musks interest on multiple occasions on Twitter.

And the platform’s Twitter page, with has a following of more than $250k, regularly posts relatable and engaging memes, further fueling the community.

The project is inspired by the 2021 GameStop saga, where people stood up against the exploits of Wall Street. Now the same community of people is backing up Wall Street Memes to rewrite the rules of finance. The coins ongoing presale has been a phenomenal hit in which it, raised more than $10 million.

So, for those who are looking for a memecoin with better upsides and a community that is already thriving, we recommend checking out Wall Street Memes.

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