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New and Best Meme Coins To Buy Friday, March 1 – Neko, Shih tzu, Shibaken Finance, Sponge V2

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Shih tzu
Shih tzu

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As 2024 progresses, investors actively assess potential top meme coins positioned for significant returns. Meme coins like Wall Street Memes, Meme Kombat, and Sponge are currently competing to be the leading meme coin of the year. Let’s delve into why investors should consider exploring Sponge V2.

Sponge V2 is introducing a play-to-earn game, allowing players to earn $SPONGE and enhance the coin’s functionality. Central to Sponge V2 is the stake-to-bridge model, enabling holders to obtain V2 by staking their V1 tokens. This approach streamlines the transition process and incentivizes loyalty through potential staking rewards.

New and Best Meme Coins to Buy Now

Investors who missed out on Sponge V1’s price surge of over 100% can seize the opportunity with V2. Leveraging V1’s achievements, the meme coin aims to surpass the performance of its predecessor. Furthermore, its strong presence on social media ensures it receives the requisite exposure.

Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced a surge amid the recent bullish trend in the crypto market, drawing attention to the remarkable performance of meme coins. Emerging contenders like Shibaken Finance, Shih Tzu, and Neko are notable for actively participating in the uptrend. What sets them apart from the crowd? Let’s explore and find out!

1. Shibaken Finance (SHIBAKEN)

Shibaken Finance is the inaugural decentralized platform featuring a bridge project encompassing Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon. Inspired by the intelligent and protective Kia Ken dog breed, the project aims to embody these traits while serving global communities. Its objective is to build a comprehensive ecosystem by providing cross-chain bridges, yield farms, staking, and a swap platform.

Furthermore, Shibaken Finance is committed to supporting communities in need as a community-driven, decentralized financial entity. Beyond conventional crypto functionalities, the platform prioritizes addressing community necessities such as food, energy, water, security, and protection. The primary ecosystem token, SHIBAK, not only aids in fundraising for charitable causes but also facilitates cryptocurrency trading.

Additionally, the Shibaken Finance team of developers has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the project, which is evident in their consistent updates and continuous development of new use cases. Additionally, the project prioritizes transparency by undergoing regular audits.

Shibaken price chart

Moreover, introducing the Shibaken Bomb (sBOMB) underscores its dedication to innovation, intending to incorporate gaming and automate charitable giving. Additionally, Shibaken Finance unveiled a new venture called Shibakery, aimed at assisting new tokens in developing unique use cases. Furthermore, the project hinted at a significant partnership through its official Twitter handle.

Notably, the token displayed green days in the last 30 days. It also trades 7.25% above the 200-day SMA, demonstrating its growth potential. Furthermore, its price surge of 8.3%/earlier in the week is partly due to its proposed partnership deal. SHIBAKEN is priced today at $0.000000000000341 with a 24-hour trading volume of $921.50.

2. Neko (NEKO)

Neko (NEKO) is a deflationary meme token introduced on the Ethereum blockchain. Serving as the inaugural community token on NEAR, it prioritizes empowering creators. Its primary objective is to drive widespread adoption of the NEAR protocol. Neko also strives to unify the crypto community by providing support and education on the significance of cryptocurrency technology and decentralized finance.

The project prides itself on its seasoned and experienced team, comprised of individuals who have previously developed the NEAR protocol platform. Drawing on its wealth of experience, the team is determined to position Neko as one of the premier meme coins. Additionally, as an experimental network of the Maze protocol, Neko functions as a decentralized universal money market specializing in zero-interest lending. Its key functionalities encompass liquidation, loans, and supply, all facilitated by the Neko Core DApp.

Neko price chart

Additionally, as a community-centric project, it boasts 150,000 followers across various social media platforms who enjoy several perks offered by the platform.

Furthermore, the utility of NEKO aims to deliver unparalleled value and security to holders by reducing the influence of investors and core team allocations. This prioritization of the community enables them to earn more through NFT and NEKO staking. Additionally, many integrations and utilities are planned, involving leading projects on NEAR and further fostering connectivity within the expanding NEAR community.

As a trial platform for innovative functions. Neko provides cross-chain transferring rights through Reserve Pools and local-chain borrow credits via Funding Pools, generating passive income in NEKO tokens.

In a recent announcement, Neko disclosed its acquisition of the BabyAI protocol, an innovative AI-powered application that rewards users with cryptocurrency. Subsequently, the project revealed plans to integrate the BabyAI protocol into NEAR, thereby pioneering the use of the NEAR Protocol tech stack within the Solana phone ecosystem. This strategic move expands their user base into Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Solana.

The token has responded positively to these acquisitions, partnerships, and new use cases through its recent price rally. It displayed a 20.13% price increase in 24 hours at 0.0003097. More impressive is that the price has increased by 48% in the past seven days. Also, its trading volume is $19,657.84.

3. Shih Tzu (SHIH)

Shih-Tzu Token is an ERC-20/BEP20 Token functioning on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Its primary mission revolves around improving the well-being and happiness of animals on a global scale. Setting itself apart from other cryptocurrencies, the Shih Tzu token project aims to prioritize real-world adoption and use cases. It involves:

  • Forming partnerships with businesses and platforms that accept the token as a payment method.
  • Integrating it into existing ecosystems.
  • Creating innovative use cases that harness the benefits of blockchain technology.

Shih Tzu is a decentralized, community-driven meme coin without founders and team tokens. The Shih Tzu Community assigns skills within the community to suitable roles in developing Shih Tzu and collectively determining decisions for the coin and its future roadmap. The project pledges instant rewards for users, with Shih Tzu Coin holders also receiving profits from every transaction within the network. This approach ensures users accumulate rewards as they actively engage with Shih Tzu coins.

A recent trend gaining momentum is the integration of Shih Tzu tokens into various gaming platforms, allowing gamers to earn Shih Tzu tokens as rewards for their in-game achievements. Additionally, the growing popularity of Shih Tzu-themed merchandise among crypto enthusiasts is noteworthy, with individuals proudly displaying their affection for Shih Tzu.


Shih tzu price chart

The project’s collaboration with BYDFi offers a robust platform for liquidity and trading and enhances its credibility and trustworthiness. Aligning with BYDFi gives the Shih Tzu Token project a competitive edge, distinguishing it from other cryptocurrencies that might face challenges in establishing reliable exchange partnerships.

Despite a bearish sentiment and a 0.67% price decrease in 24 hours, SHIH is currently priced at 0.09951, representing a 25% increase in the last seven days. The token’s greed index of 71 (greed) and a perfect 30 green days in the previous 30 days show its potential for increase in the coming days. With a circulating supply of 1 Quadrillion SHIH, Shih Tzu has a market cap of $951,243.

4. Sponge V2 (SPONGE)

Introduced as an enhancement to its impressive predecessor, Sponge V2 offers amplified rewards and a more resilient ecosystem. The team meticulously designed the project to revolutionize the market with its unique transaction fees, liquidity, and staking approach. It utilizes a mechanism that absorbs a small percentage of each transaction and redistributes it to token holders, guaranteeing early community members reward for their engagement.

Furthermore, Sponge V2 has launched a play-to-earn game, allowing players to earn $SPONGE tokens. This strategic initiative further boosts the token’s utility. Central to Sponge V2 is the Stake-to-Bridge model, which enables holders to obtain V2 by staking their V1 tokens. This strategy ensures a seamless transition and incentivizes loyalty through potential staking rewards.

Furthermore, Sponge has a dedicated and sizable community poised for significant milestones in 2024. If the community sustains its current momentum, Sponge V2 holds the potential for explosive and sustainable growth. Additionally, it offers appealing opportunities for investors exploring the meme coin market.

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