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Nakamigos Announces Airdrop To NFT Holders – Its NFT Price Spikes 16%

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HiFo Labs, the digital asset incubation studio and the team behind the popular Nakamigos non-fungible token collection, has announced their highly anticipated airdrop. The non-fungible token airdrop is available to all Nakamigos NFT holders.

Nakamigos Announces Airdrop To Its NFT Community

In an August 8 blog post, HiFo Labs announced the official launching of an NFT airdrop to its Nakamigos NFT community. The digital asset firm teased its highly anticipated NFT airdrop last month. The NFT airdrop is live on its official NFT marketplace.

Launched in March 2023, Nakamigos is a non-fungible token collection featuring a limited edition of 20,000 NFTs hosted on Ethereum, one of the largest blockchain networks. Nakamigos NFTs, which look slightly like CryptoPunks, are now the leading NFT collection in the short NFT history.

HiFo Labs, the Nakamigos NFT creator, began incubating the Nakamigos NFT collection in November 2021. The Nakamigos NFT project was crafted by a renowned digital creator named Sartoshi and was seen as representative of NFT culture.

A few months later, Sartoshi subsequently stepped away from the project and, on his way out, minted an open-edition farewell NFT called End of Sartoshi. On March 23, Nakamigo’s NFT collection found its way to the NFT market and has been gaining massive traction among NFT collectors and investors.

Nakamigos NFT Market Health

It’s worth noting that the global NFT market has suffered a brutal comedown, leaving the majority of NFT floor prices shielding more than 70% of their value in recent weeks. The NFT bear market has not spared Nakamigos NFT collections either.

Nakamigo’s price has decreased from 0.63 ETH to 0.35 ETH in the past four months. However, the NFT collection has reacted shortly to the airdrop announcement, pumping over 16% in its sales volume. In the past 24 hours, Nakamigos has recorded a trading sales volume of 98 ETH and a market cap of $13 million.


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