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NAGA Group at the Leading Edge of Fintech

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NAGA Group, one of the top players in the cryptocurrency industry, has made huge strides in becoming the sector’s go-to platform. With 7 unique working products, NAGA Group will introduce another six that will step up their game even more. The company has perfected the recipe to success in the fintech industry by creating a whole suite of products and services that cater to every individual’s needs, while not confining itself to just cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


First and foremost, NAGA Group gives its users the NAGA COIN to fully utilize its many benefits across the entire NAGA Ecosystem. Through its decentralized nature, NAGA users have an opportunity to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies, virtual goods, and other 700 trading instruments. NGC is currently trading around $0.31 per token and is listed on popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, OKEx, Upbit, and HitBTC.


Users can also capitalize on trading by joining NAGA Group’s social trading platform – NAGA TRADER. On this platform, users can connect with other experienced traders and pick up trading strategies, in one click. The available tips will enable users to readily make the right decision while trading any of the supported instruments including gaming items and forex. Users of the NAGA TRADER can trade 700 markets in real-time, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, and even virtual in-game items. To decrease the trading risks, it is possible to use NAGA TRADER Protector™ to automatically limit the possible risks and secure trading profits


NAGA WALLET, yet another prominent product, can be used to hold different crypto assets, make quick transactions and link it to not only all the platforms associated with the NAGA Ecosystem but also to handle independent day-to-day transactions. And that’s just the beginning. The NAGA Ecosystem presents the best industry example of the confluence of traditional financial and new-age crypto sectors with NAGA STOCKS, a place where users can purchase and sell shares from companies all over the world. They also get access to a real-time market movers watchlist and newsfeed to help them with their trading decisions.


Users will be brokered by NAGA MARKETS, an EU-licensed and CySEC-regulated broker that invests in your development as a trader. With 99.9% of all trades executed in 250ms, traders will receive uniquely transparent trading with ultra-low spreads to benefit from market movements across 750 instruments. For all new and beginner users, a free unlimited demo account is provided to try new strategies and trading ideas without any risk.


An industry often overlooked by most of the fintech players is the gaming market and given the sector’s potential, NAGA VIRTUAL is tapping into it. With NAGA VIRTUAL, game developers and gaming enthusiasts can buy and sell in-game items with ease. The user-friendly platform can be accessed by anyone from anywhere on any device (console, web platforms and Android-powered mobile devices).


NAGA ACADEMY is yet another initiative, directed towards the community. Through the platform, it provides educational material to its users, helping them understand cryptocurrencies, trading strategies, and other financial instruments. The webinars on NAGA ACADEMY are created by independent professionals with years of experience working in the financial industry. The education content is available both offline and online, which makes it easy for users to learn and improve their trading skills at their own pace.


NAGA Group recently announced the upcoming launch of its unique, multi-currency NAGA CARD. It allows users to connect the card to their accounts using IBAN and simultaneously deposit into their accounts using NAGA TRADER accounts. The card can be used at any ATM, POS machine or online gateway, just like a standard credit or debit card.


The NAGA Ecosystem also has NAGA EXCHANGE (currently in final development stages) so that users can trade different types of cryptocurrencies. The whole process is made convenient and hassle-free by including support for multiple payment channels for users to fund their accounts, which comes with advanced security features and rapid transaction support.

More To Come

There are even more unique products on the NAGA platform in various stages of deployment. All these products and services are tailor-made to make it easy for NAGA users to make the most out of the ever-expanding ecosystem. Some of the major offerings to be released soon, include NAGA GUARD, NAGA WEALTH and NAGA LOCAL.

With its customer-centric approach and initiatives to bridge the old-world financial system and the new-age blockchain based system, NAGA is quickly becoming one of the leading fintech projects with the potential to drive blockchain adoption across multiple industry segments.


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