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Metropoly Presale Enters the Last 24 Hours – Investors Flock to Hoard the Real Estate Token for a Discount

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The Metropoly presale is coming to an end as it enters the last day of the presale. With both crypto and real estate communities flocking in, it has raised over $1.5 million through 3500+ participants so far, making it one of the most successful crypto presales of this year.

Metropoly’s growing popularity can be attributed to the high relevance of its real estate NFT marketplace, the beta version of which opened to glowing reviews. The platform brings NFTs backed (100%) by real-world properties to the masses at affordable prices starting at $100.

Due to the high demand for the token, the initial exchange listings scheduled for May 2023 will take METRO on a steep hike, forcing late investors to pay at least 3-5X of the current price.

Why are investors after Metropoly?

Metropoly is one of the hottest crypto projects of this year. But if it’s your first time hearing about Metropoly, here is a brief introduction.

It is the world’s first NFT marketplace with its foundations laid in the real estate market. The platform converts real estate assets into NFTs for better transparency and efficiency. They are fractionalized so that you can create a diversified real estate portfolio for as little as $1000. Fractionalization and diversification are time-tested tools for risk mitigation. A wide range of filters on the platform will come in handy if you want to find a property that best suits your budget and investment strategy.

At present, real estate investments are expensive for an average investor in terms of money and time. To give you a better perspective, a real estate change of hands can take an average of 60 days. The hassles of paperwork, documentation, and bank dealings are annoying enough to drive away even endowed investors. With Metropoly, you can buy or sell a real estate asset in minutes.

Another plaguing issue in the real estate market is the lack of digitization. Metropoly fills the void using blockchain technology, which can offer better usability and transparency than any known traditional digital tools. Metropoly’s advanced features will not only make the real estate market attractive for young investors who are used to the luxuries of the internet, but also feasible.

Metropoly removes the cobweb of middlemen or endless paperwork and complications from the equation and replaces them with blockchain-powered smart contracts. Real estate trading is as simple as trading stocks on Metropoly. Or, better, since it doesn’t require complicated technical analysis. It is easier to understand.

How Metropoly stands up to crypto market volatility

Most successful investors have a large share of their portfolio in the real estate market, as it has long proven to be one of the best long-term investments. The market’s evergreen luster can be simply explained by the human need for a roof over their heads.

Given that it remains unchanged for at least a few more centuries, real estate is a safe, reliable, and lucrative investment. The growing population underscores its exponential growth potential in the coming years, despite the ups and downs of the broader economy.

Metropoly will let users buy properties from around the world.

Sadly, the real estate market is largely inaccessible to most people, despite our ancestors winning land rights for all. The law may permit anyone to own land and buildings, but money doesn’t.

Enters Metropoly with its NFT marketplace that tokenizes the asset class and brings it to the masses. More importantly, it lowers the technical barriers to the industry, like paperwork, bank dealings, and legal compliance.

Two factors that contribute to the massive growth of real estate are urbanization and tourism. It turns real estate into not just a tool for value appreciation to park your money in but also a source of passive income. The properties that underpin the NFTs are hand-picked by the Metropoly team with years of experience in the industry after assessing their profitability and risk. They find and manage tenants, maintain the property, and take care of everything else that concerns its physical ownership and operations.

Metropoly NFTs will be evergreen like their traditional counterparts. In other words, it is an excellent tool to mitigate the effects of crypto market volatility. As discussed above, real estate fractionalization will further safeguard your crypto portfolio against the ups and downs in the market.

Invest in the future of real estate.

Owing to its innovative approach to real estate decentralization, the project has been amassing investors from around the world. In a market flooded with quick money-making schemes, bizarre NFT art collectibles, and games that nobody wants to play, Metropoly is a fresh breath.

With the Metropoly Beta Dashboard live before the token, and the smart contract and team audit reports public, there is no room for concerns about hacks or rug pulls. It is a safe project to invest in.

The best way into Metropoly is the ongoing METRO presale, which is now in the last 24 hours – selling the token at a price of $0.09. The presale investment also opens exciting benefits, which include entry to a grand $1M Burj Khalifa Apartment Giveaway.

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