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METRO Presale Continues to Dazzle, $1M Giveaway Also Worth Checking Out

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For many people, possessing a home is a lifelong aspiration. Across generations, it has been a source of pride and offers a feeling of safety and consistency. Furthermore, homeownership mitigates some of the most significant worries about basic survival.

Despite aspirations, the fact is that real estate has become prohibitively expensive for most people. Consequently, renting remains the sole alternative for many individuals, resulting in ongoing uncertainty and anxiety. A more cost-effective and convenient approach to securing premium apartments or investing in real estate would be advantageous.

By using NFTs as the basis of its marketplace, Metropoly is transforming the real estate sector. The venture presents a novel approach to real estate investment, increasing accessibility and ease for the average investor. Additionally, Metropoly provides an opportunity to acquire a premium apartment worth $1 million in the Burj Khalifa.

The $1 Million Dubai Apartment Giveaway is Enticing

As part of its $1 million giveaway campaign, Metropoly is offering a luxurious $1 million apartment in the prestigious Burj Khalifa in Dubai, providing prospective investors with a glimpse of the platform’s offerings. To be eligible for the competition, individuals must complete various social tasks such as retweeting tweets, joining social channels like Telegram or Discord, referring friends, and signing up for newsletters. Given the low entry fee, it presents an excellent opportunity for anyone interested to participate.

In addition to ownership of fractional shares in Metropoly properties, investors have the potential to generate passive income. Those participating in the giveaway campaign have the chance to receive rental income, potentially as much as $100,000. This factor adds to the appeal of the $1 million giveaway, creating a distinctive opportunity to invest in premium real estate.

The apartment in Dubai showcases the type of properties that investors can access through the Metropoly platform. While investors will have the means to purchase various luxury properties, the real advantage is that it enables more ordinary investors to enter an otherwise unaffordable real estate market.

We Need Platforms Like Metropoly

The escalating expense of housing coupled with a scarcity of affordable options has generated a new global movement among individuals. The real estate sector is in need of transformation, as demonstrated by the current median house price-to-income ratio in the US, surpassing that of the 2008 financial crisis. With housing costs becoming increasingly unaffordable, purchasing a home has become an arduous task, made even more challenging by rising inflation. Enter Metropoly, offering an innovative investment solution to address these concerns.

Metropoly’s fractional investment strategy in real estate makes it feasible for ordinary individuals to broaden their investment portfolios, guard against inflation, and acquire passive income through rental earnings. With a low entry point of just $100, real estate investments are now accessible to all.

Metropoly’s real estate marketplace highlights a prototype that illustrates the platform’s abilities. While the properties displayed in the prototype are for demonstration purposes only, it provides a glimpse into the platform’s final features and functions. Investors can access information such as the number of real estate shares owned and dividends earned through an all-time leaderboard.

The real estate market is now accessible to a wider audience, as investors can purchase properties from all over the world for as little as $100. The digitized process via NFTs enables rapid and straightforward investments, which can be completed in under 30 seconds. Moreover, the investment process is available globally and does not necessitate a credit score.

To summarize, Metropoly is transforming the real estate industry by providing an accessible and affordable solution for all. The platform addresses the housing crisis by helping people acquire their own homes and earn rental income.

Consider The Metropoly Presale

Apart from the $1 million giveaway, investors may want to explore Metropoly’s ongoing presale, which provides several advantages and maybe a more profitable option for those interested in delving into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

It’s important for investors to act fast and take advantage of the presale prices for METRO before they are gone. METRO tokens can be purchased at a rate of $0.0625 per token and are ERC-20 utility tokens with a total maximum supply of 1 billion. Payments can be made in ETH, USDT, or BNB, providing flexibility and convenience to investors.

It’s crucial to note that investors who participate in the presale will be enrolled in the Metropoly Platinum Member’s Club automatically. This exclusive club offers various benefits such as early access to the Metropoly Beta, a Metropoly NFT, cashback on rental income, and real estate NFTs worth up to $10,000. The amount invested and the timing of the investment determine the level of benefits received, with more significant investments and earlier investments providing more considerable benefits.

Investors have a unique opportunity to invest in Metropoly, a project that is causing ripples in the cryptocurrency world. With its launch, it has the potential to do the same in the real estate industry, which is primed for change. By leading the way, Metropoly could bring fairness to the industry, making it an appealing prospect for investors seeking to make an impact.

Check Out the METRO Presale and $1M Giveaway

Taking part in the giveaway is worth considering as there is no significant cost involved, and the chance to win a luxurious apartment in Dubai is enticing. Moreover, there are more benefits to the ongoing Metropoly presale than just gaining access to affordable real estate investments.

Metropoly is at the forefront of the changing real estate market, making it more accessible to a broader audience. Its fractional investment model enables people to diversify their portfolios, protect against inflation, and earn passive income from rental earnings.

Visit the Metropoly Presale

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