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Metal Tools Insight: METAL Readies for 10% Leap?

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The recently launched Metal Tools (METAL) token has seen quite a bit of volatility over the past week. The token has only been around for a few weeks after launching on August 21.

However, in that time, it has seen primarily positive performance. Its initial price was around $0.00689; immediately after launch, it dropped to $0.00464.

Over the next ten days, the token fluctuated between a support at $0.0045 and a resistance at $0.0085. A minor resistance at $0.0070 was also often encountered as a barrier that prevented it from growing during this period. At the end of the last month, the token started seeing a sudden surge. Its price took off around August 30, hitting some significant new milestones.

On August 31, the token managed to reach $0.015, and after briefly being rejected, it skyrocketed again to the next resistance at $0.025 on the very next day. By September 3, the token hit $0.030; on September 4, it hit its all-time high at $0.0357. After that, the price saw a correction, bringing it down to $0.0150.

Breakout Likely?

This level has been acting as its most robust support since September 6. Meanwhile, the token was kept from going further up by a resistance at 0.020. It breached this level only a few times in the past week.

The first time was on September 9, when it saw a strong surge of $0.025 before returning under $0.020. The following two breaches were much smaller and shorter, but it is encouraging to see that its price is testing resistance.

Metal Tools Chart

The latest venture beyond $0.020 occurred today, September 13, when the price reached $0.0210 before dropping to its current level of 0.0171. In the last 24 hours, the token saw a trading volume of $94.5k. Unsurprisingly, its most enormous daily volume was when METAL was at its ATH. At the time, it exceeded half a million.

Since the price correction, however, the volume has also been relatively diminished. The levels of engagement with the token strongly indicate that the crypto community has an interest in the token and that it has the potential to soar back up, with some expecting a 10% recovery shortly. As a new token, its liquidity is likely still limited, so anyone seeking to get involved with it should first check how easy it is to buy or sell it, just in case you need to do so quickly.

Wall Street Memes offers last chance to buy its token

Wall Street Memes is one of the most popular meme coins to emerge in the crypto industry since Dogecoin and Pepe. The project raised over $25 million during its presale, which is still open.

The project’s team announced that the WSM token will hit the exchanges in about two weeks, so right now is the last chance for potential buyers to get the token early at a low price of $0.0337.

Once WSM hits the market, it could easily see a price surge, allowing those who bought during the presale to make decent profits. Of course, it is impossible to predict which way the price will go and how much, so anyone looking to buy should only do so if they believe that WSM has a bright future.

You can get it in exchange for ETH, BNB, and USDT if you decide to obtain it. Or, you can buy it with your credit/debit card.

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