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Ludean Protocol, Theta Network Partner to Increase Gaming Exposure on Both Platforms

The Ludean Protocol, a gaming social network in South Korea, has partnered with the Theta Network, a “decentralized video delivery network” powered by blockchain technology, in an attempt to bring in more viewers and increase the exposure of each platform, a press release from both groups notes.

This partnership will see GameTalkTalk, a decentralized app on the Ludena Protocol, integrating the Theta protocol to reward its users for accomplishing challenges related to games, the release notes.

Those on the platform will earn TFUEL tokens for watching streams as well as sharing their own videos within the network, the release also states. Anyone who engages with the platform will be rewarded.

Speaking on the matter is the CEO of Theta Labs, Mitch Liu, who said:

“GameTalkTalk is an ideal partner to launch our Theta Live Mobile Embed product powered by the Theta Network, allowing viewers to relay esports and game streams to their peers and earn Theta token rewards, TFUEL, just for watching and sharing their bandwidth resources. In just a couple of months after announcing Theta Live Embed, it is now live on more than dozens of partner sites globally and we are excited to branch out to Korea for the first time and to onboard local content.”

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