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Latest Meme Coin To Buy Right Now, Tuesday, July 2 – Landwolf, Hoppy, Super Trump, Pepe Unchained

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Through comprehensive analysis, we examine their tokenomics, use cases, partnerships, and other vital features that enhance their investment potential. With the imminent launch of the Ethereum ETFs, we could see a surge in Ethereum and finally see alt season.

Latest Meme Coin To Buy Right Now

As investors look for the next meme coin to hit the moon, we highlight the cryptos with the potential to explode. This article also includes a special mention of Pepe Unchained, one of the newly launched tokens on the Ethereum chain. Below, we delve into the details of its presale and the performance of other trending meme coins.

1. Pepe Unchained ($PEPU)

Pepe Unchained emerges as an innovative evolution in the meme coin space, leveraging Ethereum Layer 2 technology to address the limitations of its predecessor. This clever adaptation of the popular Pepe meme combines humor with advanced blockchain solutions, offering a unique proposition in the cryptocurrency market.

At its core, Pepe Unchained aims to solve common blockchain issues by providing enhanced speed, security, and lower fees while maintaining the playful essence of meme coins. The project’s narrative of Pepe breaking free from his “Layer 1 server room” resonates with crypto enthusiasts seeking more efficient alternatives.

The technology behind Pepe Unchained promises significant improvements over traditional Layer 1 solutions. By utilizing Layer 2, the project offers double staking rewards, a feature made possible through reduced operational costs and increased efficiency. This approach benefits users with higher returns and contributes to a more sustainable ecosystem.

Transaction speed is another crucial advantage of Pepe Unchained. The Layer 2 solution enables lightning-fast transactions, allowing users to stake, trade, and interact with the ecosystem seamlessly. This improvement addresses one of the main pain points in the cryptocurrency space – slow transaction times during network congestion.

Lower fees are a standout feature of Pepe Unchained. By offloading transactions to Layer 2, the project significantly reduces gas fees, ensuring that more users’ investments go towards earning gains rather than covering transaction costs.

The ongoing presale has garnered significant attention, raising $1,864,926.66 out of a $1,963,622 target. With tokens priced at $0.0081939 and the price set to change in the next 23 hours, potential investors feel a sense of urgency.

Recent developments showcase the project’s progress. Pepe Unchained now offers instant bridging between Ethereum and Pepe Chain, boasting the lowest transaction fees and speeds 100 times faster than Ethereum. The introduction of a dedicated Block Explorer further enhances the user experience.

While partnerships are slated for the project’s next phase, the current focus is technological development and community building. As $PEPU continues to evolve, it represents an intriguing blend of meme culture and technological advancement in cryptocurrency, potentially setting a new standard for meme coins in the Layer 2 era.

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2. Landwolf ($WOLF)

Landwolf has emerged as a beloved figure in the cryptocurrency community, bringing Matt Furie’s laid-back and wise character to the blockchain world. Recently making its debut on the Solana network, Landwolf combines the appeal of a popular meme with the high-performance capabilities of Solana’s blockchain technology.

The project has quickly gained traction, securing partnerships with key players in the crypto space. Raydium, a leading decentralized exchange on Solana, supports Landwolf’s trading and liquidity provision. Additionally, the token has been listed on several major centralized exchanges, including Poloniex, OKX, Bitmart, MexC, and Gate, enhancing its accessibility to a global audience of traders and investors.

Landwolf price chart

The Landwolf community is buzzing with anticipation, as hinted by a recent announcement: “New week, new party for $WOLF. Can you feel it? It’s coming.” This cryptic message has sparked excitement and speculation about the project’s potential developments or events.

Recent market movements have favored Landwolf, with the token currently trading at $0.01737. This represents a 9.79% increase in the last 24 hours, indicating investors’ growing interest and positive sentiment.

3. Hoppy ($HOPPY)

Hoppy is making waves in the meme coin market, drawing inspiration from Matt Furie’s comic book “The Night Riders.” This frog character has transcended its 2012 origins to become a unique and beloved figure in the crypto space.

At its core, Hoppy embodies the essence of internet culture and meme magic. The project has fostered a movement that unites crypto enthusiasts through humor and shared cultural references. This approach has resonated strongly with the community, as evidenced by its growing popularity.

Hoppy price chart

It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and Hoppy benefits from the network’s security and broad adoption. The project has also gained recognition from significant crypto data platforms, securing partnerships with CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, which enhance its visibility and credibility in the market.

Recent developments highlight Hoppy’s impressive growth. The project recently reached 8,000 token holders, a significant milestone demonstrating its expanding community base. Furthermore, Hoppy has been making headlines on exchanges, with MEXC reporting it as the top gainer in June with an astounding 1,018% increase.

Currently, Hoppy is trading at $0.0001348, showcasing a robust 35.93% price increase in the last 24 hours. This recent price movement underscores the growing interest and confidence in the project.

4. Super Trump ($STRUMP)

Super Trump emerges as a unique blend of cryptocurrency and political enthusiasm, aiming to rally support for Donald Trump’s potential return to the White House. This meme-driven coin capitalizes on the growing hype surrounding the upcoming elections, positioning itself as a digital symbol of support for Trump’s political movement.

At its core, Super Trump is more than just a cryptocurrency; it’s a statement of political allegiance. The project’s vision is to establish Trump as the first crypto-friendly U.S. president, a goal that resonates with cryptocurrency enthusiasts and Trump supporters. This ambitious aim is backed by an exclusive NFT collection, further intertwining the worlds of digital assets and political campaigning.

Super trump price chart

Super Trump has already gained recognition in the cryptocurrency space, securing partnerships with key players such as Dextools, Coinmarketcap, and Coingecko. These collaborations enhance the token’s visibility and credibility within the crypto community, potentially attracting a wider audience of investors and supporters.

Recent developments showcase the project’s commitment to community engagement. Super Trump is running a giveaway with a guessing game that energizes its supporters. The latest update reveals that Binance is leading the pack with 41.8% of the votes, indicating strong community participation and excitement around the project.

In terms of market performance, Super Trump is showing positive momentum. The token currently trades at $0.01063, marking a 1.56% increase. This upward trend suggests growing interest and investment in the project, potentially driven by its political associations and position in the meme coin market.

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