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KawBet Launches Secure Blockchain-Based Betting Platform

Online gambling casinos and sports betting platforms have been increasing in popularity over the years due to the integration of blockchain technology and smart contracts. While traditional casinos have their good points, online casinos have managed to change the industry and provide a safe betting environment. These Blockchain-Based betting platforms ensure transparency and a provable ecosystem and eliminate the concern that games are manipulated in favor of the casinos. While there are many online casinos in operation today, Kawbet Casino has found an innovative way to offer users an all-in-one solution.

KawBet is a newly launched sports betting platform looking to gain its position in the industry as one of the first-ever anonymous bitcoin casinos, offering a provably fair and transparent gaming environment. By offering a decentralized gaming platform, KawBet aims to provide a solution for one of the most crucial issues for online gaming players and removes the conflict of interest between users and online casinos. The idea of anonymity in the online gaming industry has been of interest to players as well as casinos for many years. Experts in the industry imply that KawanBet is the ultimate Blockchain-Based that offers its users full anonymity. In fact, no KYC documents or player identification is required to register with KawanBet.

KawanBet Benefits

Being a blockchain-based sports betting platform, KawBet is completely decentralized and transparent. It offers an extensive variety of more than 3000 online games and sports events to bet on, including a virtual sports section, and cryptocurrency lottery betting. KawBet provides classic poker, roulette, slots, and lottery games. In addition, players on KawBet can also bet on sports live matches and tournaments.

In regards to payment options, players can use Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies as a funding method and convert their crypto coins into MBT tokens. The MBT token, also known as millibitcoin, can be used for purchases and transactions on the KawBet blockchain network and its rate is fixed to 1 bitcoin = 1,000 MBT.

The casino supports 25 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and that casino reports to add additional cryptocurrencies in the future. The use of cryptocurrency in gaming is expected to improve user experience and make it possible to create a decentralized betting network.

KawBet maintains a minimum deposit requirement of 0.001 BTC (around $9 at the current exchange rate) and a minimum withdrawal requirement of 0.005 BTC (around $45).

There are several key advantages that differentiate KawBet from competitors:

  • All bets are recorded on KawBet blockchain explorer
  • KawBet offers a provable betting platform, meaning users can verify each transaction on the platform
  • Instant no-fee deposits and withdrawals
  • A simple and fast registration process
  • KawBet offers new users up to 100% welcome bonuses
  •  Cash back offered

About KawBet

KawBet is a licensed online betting platform governed by several international gaming commissions. The online casino operates in partnership with leading online gaming providers and allows users the benefit of a lightning-fast deposit and withdrawal process. At the time of writing, KawBet is one of the few Blockchain-Based betting platforms in the industry to offer classic casino games as well as sports betting.


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