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Kaspa Price Prediction as KAS July Bull Run Goes On. $0.045 Before August?

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Kaspa (KAS) has seen a significant surge in the past week, rising by over 6% and achieving an impressive 45.1% gain in the last 30 days, with its price hitting $0.04, the highest since April 2, 2023.

Kaspa (KAS) experienced a notable surge on July 23, with its price reaching $0.04087, marking a 21% increase from its week-low on July 18. At 6.00 a.m. EST, the coin was trading at $0.037, reflecting a 10.3% rise in the past 24 hours. Despite this increase, KAS remains substantially higher than its all-time low of $0.00017105.

Despite its significant growth of over 21,824.70% from its lowest value, the question remains: can the coin reach $0.045 by August?

Bullish Momentum Building for KAS: Potential Surge Ahead

KAS/USD. Source: 26/7/2023
KAS/USD. Source:

Buyers are propelling the price of KAS above the support level, indicating strong bullish momentum. After a brief retracement at the $0.04 resistance level, the price swiftly rebounded at the parabolic curve, now acting as a critical support level, signaling the potential for a significant price surge.

KAS is currently trading above the 50-day and 200-day exponential moving averages, indicating bullish sentiment. The moving averages intersect at $0.024, adding to the potential for further upward movements.

With an RSI close to 67, the price shows a sustained surge and potential overbought conditions. A breach of the resistance level could confirm the bullish rally.

KAS Price Indicates Third Bullish Wave

KAS/USD tech analysis. Source:
KAS/USD. Source:

KASPA (KAS) price chart suggests a possible third wave approaching after a minor setback at $0.04 resistance level. Breaking this level could lead to a substantial price surge. Investors should pay close attention to these developments.

KASPA’s price has been trading in waves since its launch, with bullish waves growing in magnitude, leading to significant surges in price labeled as wave 1, wave 2, and wave 3 on the chart.

The price has experienced two rebounds during its upward movement, confirming the potential for a surge above the critical resistance level at $0.04.

According to the analysis, KAS will likely experience another bullish surge, potentially pushing the price to $0.075.

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BTC20 Raises $2.5 Million, Inches its Presale Target

$BTC20 is presented as an upgraded version of Bitcoin, functioning as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Investors can enter the token at a comparable value to Bitcoin in 2011, when it was priced at only $1.

BTC20 tokens are currently in their presale phase, priced at $1 each. With the project nearing its soft cap presale target of $3 million and having already raised $2.5 million, investors are encouraged to participate before the deadline.

BTC20 has gained investor interest for its passive income potential, as it follows a similar issuance schedule as Bitcoin. Instead of rewarding miners, the newly issued tokens are given to BTC20 owners who stake them, presenting an opportunity for passive income generation.

The rapid issuance of BTC20 tokens offers stakers a potential 65% APY, creating a strong incentive for token holders to retain their BTC20, leading to reduced price decline risk and significant attention from the crypto community.


BTC20, built on Ethereum’s smart-contract-capable blockchain, benefits from immediate access to the well-established DeFi ecosystem. Unlike Bitcoin, which lacks extensive DeFi options, BTC20 can tap into various decentralized finance offerings.

BTC20 investors can leverage their tokens as collateral for decentralized applications such as Aave or Compound, providing greater flexibility and opportunities in the DeFi space. To purchase BTC20, simply visit the official website and use Ethereum or USDT to complete the transaction through your crypto wallet.


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