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Justin Sun Rides on DLive Publicity to Promote New “Multibillion” Initiative

Justin Sun Rides on DLive Publicity to Promote New “Multibillion” Initiative
Justin Sun Rides on DLive Publicity to Promote New “Multibillion” Initiative

Justin Sun, the founder and chief executive of the TRON Foundation, is back at promoting his venture on social media once again. 

On January 12, the crypto entrepreneur took to Twitter to share news of a new secret project for BitTorrent and DLive, two of the subsidiaries owned by the Foundation. According to the tweet, the most conservative estimates show that the new venture will bring “multibillion benefits” to both the BitTorrent and TRON ecosystems, while also improving their user count by at least 100 million. 

Sun: TRON’s Founder and Chief Hype Man 

This isn’t the first time that Sun will be promoting a business venture. The Chinese-American crypto entrepreneur has been doing the bulk of the promotion for his ventures via Twitter, announcing any update- no matter how infinitesimal- to his 2.1 million Twitter followers. 

Last year, he went on one of his hype man tirades, promoting a massive announcement between TRON and a multibillion corporation that will benefit his company, the TRC-20 tokens, and improve the exposure of TRON by a large degree. 

The collaboration turned out to be no more than the addition of TRON and all TRC-20 tokens to the Samsung Keystore. While it did mark a significant improvement for the company, it’s easy to get the feeling that it wasn’t as huge as it was initially promoted to be. 

Drumming Up a New Business Venture 

The significance of this announcement, however, is that it sees Sun promote DLive, a streaming platform that TRON Foundation only just recently acquired. Although critics are already beginning to point out that the promoted project won’t have much of an impact on the TRON ecosystem, Sun is never one to let an opportunity for marketing pass him- or his company- by. 

The TRON Foundation acquired DLive about three weeks ago, with the streaming platform joining the suite of apps owned by the crypto firm. Last weekend, Felix Kjellberg, the owner of YouTube channel PewDiePie, posted a video on his platform where he praised DLive and explained why he joined the service last April. 

In the video, PewDiePie pointed out that DLive allows content creators to get 10 percent of the revenues that they get on the videos they produce, as opposed to a lot of other streaming platforms that get a cut from your work. The promotion was a big deal, since PewDiePie is the most popular YouTube channel in the world- with over 102 million subscribers and a reported 180 million average monthly views. 

So, even if Sun’s promoted project between DLive and BitTorrent might not be as influential as he has billed, it is at least a great way to get more hype around DLive and improve its adoption levels. False hype or not, Sun would most likely get what he wants out of this.

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