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John McAfee’s $1 Million Crypto Prediction Apparently “A Ruse”

The Brain Behind Bitcoin Is Very Much Alive; John McAfee Drops Shocking Revelations
The Brain Behind Bitcoin Is Very Much Alive; John McAfee Drops Shocking Revelations

For many with their fingers on the pulse of the crypto industry, John McAfee needs absolutely no introductions. The man holds one of the world’s most successful cybersecurity firms in the world, but it seems that it comes at the price of sheer quirkiness.

McAfee Claims Bogus BTC Prediction

The most recent debacle has come from an earlier Twitter post he did. McAfee channeled the very essence of what it means to be bullish, then threw out a $1 million prediction to buy Bitcoin. This prediction was due to happen at the end of 2019; something a simple internet search can debunk.

Instead of owning up to his mistakes, it seemed he managed to twist this around himself in another new controversy. Through a tweet he did on Sunday, he debunked his $1 million predictions as nothing but a ruse to gain publicity for his security company.

Not to be outdone, the man even claimed that Bitcoin was “ancient technology,” something you don’t say unless you want a backlash hard enough to smack you back in time.

A Brief But Colored History

Alas, this wasn’t the first or probably the last piece of controversy that surrounded McAffee and his many, many bizarre actions in his service as a “crypto champion.” Among those things, is posting his Social Security Number on twitter and selecting Cuba to be his presidential campaign headquarters (with running for office being strange already). Perhaps the most bizarre of all these actions is suggesting that extraterrestrial beings ran the US Congress. As one would imagine, there weren’t any hard facts to support that last claim.

McAfee seems to have taken a liking to grab big headlines by doing stupid and/or bizarre actions to garnet attention. It seems he’s using the headlines to onboard new users as a cheeky way of advertisement.

Old, Upgraded as New

However, his claims that Bitcoin is “ancient technology” is very much false. To the outsider, it might seem so with the age of 10-years, making it a great-grandfather in technological progression time. However, one must be aware that the Bitcoin network has had several upgrades since its inception, the two most prominent being SegWit and Lightning Network.

While Bitcoin’s remaining time in the relentless technological world is still up for debate, the coin still serves many people and undoubtedly will do so for many years. The only cryptocurrency that surpasses Bitcoin in active monthly developers is the Ethereum network.

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