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Jake Paul vs Tyson Boxing Match Might Send This Meme Coin to Orbit

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson
Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

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Boxing and combat sport fans are waiting for the big match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul. 

The fight has now been rescheduled to November 15. Using the story of these two boxers, a new meme coin has entered the space.

With the fans of both of these fighters waiting for the match, Fight Night Coin has developed a story that could attract investors. 

Let’s find out why this meme coin could potentially be the next big one as the market is preparing for the next leg up in this bull run.

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson Match

The clash between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson has been rescheduled for November this year. 

The fight will be broadcast live on Netflix from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

It was rescheduled because Mike Tyson suffered an ulcer flare-up. 

“Although we had to postpone the fight, I will resume training shortly. I am thankful to the medical staff that treated me and to MVP, Netflix, and AT&T Stadium for working diligently to find the best reschedule date for all parties,” Tyson said. 

The hype surrounding this fight could also be beneficial for Fight Night.

Why Fight Night Could Surge In Price

Fight Night has a boxing-themed storyline. The story features Mike Tyson entering a pixelated world. Tyson meets Muhammad Ali there, and Ali gifts Tyson with magical gloves to fight against Jake. 

This story goes well with the upcoming match between the duo. 

The team behind Fight Night is using social media and other crypto media platforms to increase the coin’s visibility. 

The strength of any coin is the community that believes in and supports it. 

The project has committed a portion of its profits to various charitable causes, including Binance Charity, the Opioid Awareness Foundation, Breast Cancer research, UNICEF, and Parkinson’s research. 

This also makes the community feel like they are contributing to something and helping the needy.

Fight Night also plans to list its token on major centralized exchanges (CEX). 

As we have seen with many other coins that were listed on CEXs, FNIO could also potentially attract more investors when it is listed on a major exchange.

Fight Night CEX

Fight Night’s Long-Term Vision

The roadmap for Fight Night shows a clear path for various things that they have planned. 

In the initial stage, the focus was on building a strong foundation. This included developing a catchy story, which the coin has already done, as we have seen. The project is currently in the process of raising funds in presale.

The second phase included the launch of the Fight Night website, the release of smart contracts, and an extensive audit. The project has also completed this phase and launched the whitepaper.

During this phase, Fight Night also plans to launch a web3 financial wallet and staking platform. This also includes launching a web3 game, an AI video platform, and a webtoon.

In the final stage, Fight Night targets one million active users, 100,000 token holders, and one million community supporters. 

For those interested in investing in Fight Night, the process is easy. Here are the key details of FNIO token:

  • Network: Ethereum
  • Total Supply of Tokens: 200 billion
  • Total Tokens for Sale During ICO: 96 billion
  • Soft Cap: 48 billion
  • Hard Cap: 96 billion
  • ICO Start Date: 06-01-2024
  • ICO End Date: 07-30-2024

To participate in the ICO and buy FNIO tokens, go to their website (make sure to use the correct link and therefore avoid scams), and connect the wallet mentioned on the site.

You can then proceed to buy the token with ETH, USDT or a card.

The excitement for Tyson vs. Paul’s boxing match is on the next level. This fight could be even bigger than Fury and Usyk’s one this year, purely because Tyson is one of the most popular boxers in the history of this sport.

With its storyline, Fight Night could enjoy a queue of investors as the fight day approaches. 

If you are looking to capitalize on the hype of this fight, the FNIO token is something worth taking a look at.

Follow Fight Night social media channels:

Website | Twitter | Telegram |Instagram

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