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Investors Push AiDoge Presale To $1M In One Week

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The increasing popularity of artificial intelligence in crypto is pushing the new AiDoge meme coin beyond boundaries. Several investment moves resulted in AiDoge presale generating over $1 million in a week.

The presale is currently at Stage 2 with the price of $AI token at $0.0000264. The new meme coin AiDoge is revolutionizing its space by combining memes with artificial intelligence technology.

The AI-powered crypto token offers users endless possibilities for generating different memes suitable for their activities. AiDoge is a project that generates memes using AI technology with users’ text prompts. So, content creators can speedily update their works with memes. 

If You Missed Pepe Coin, Don’t Miss AiDoge Presale

Memes have been improving visual communications in this digitalization era. They sharpen the visual content with interactive displays and expressions that keeps the mind alert and informed.

AiDoge is spicing up the world of memes with its exclusive features. Users can explore and experience the new world with AiDoge through its presales.

Already, the crypto industry has witnessed similar crypto assets in the likes of Pepe coin, Wojak, and ArbDoge. So, if you missed any of the tokens, you now have the chance to grab AiDoge. The latter comes with a higher profit opportunity to the tune of a 100x increase in the future. 

The AiDoge presale comes in 20 different stages, with the price increasing progressively through each stage. This means that early investors will enjoy a price haven for investing in this new meme coin.

Early investors at Stage 2 can buy $AI to reap up to 28% profit once the presale ends. Moreover, the value of the meme coin will scale higher when the token lists for trade on exchanges, giving astronomical returns to early investors of the presale.

So far, the presale has raised $1 million in just one week. Many investors and experts believe that AiDoge is the next big deal and can potentially explode more. 

With impressive presale, more people rush to own tokens, creating hype and FOMO (fear of missing out) around the coin. The project is also gradually building its community of users with the growing attention on its token. 

AI-Powered Technology Could Cause A Creative Explosion

The AI technology that powers the functionalities of AiDoge is a key attractive point for the meme coin. It is similar to that of ChatGPT and DALL-E. 

The project is being trained with large amounts of data to enable the seamless generation of memes. Moreover, the memes are high-quality and updated in real-life trends. The generation process is simple, leveraging text prompts from users.

For AiDoge, its large language model (LLM) is being trained on texts and images such as crypto news and memes data sets. Also, the project uses GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) language model trained via machine learning.

Usually, GPT depends on a neural network, a technology imitating the operation of the human brain. Being GPT-based gives AiDoge the potential to become powerful and better with continuous use in the future. It will enhance its performance by receiving more prompts and improving experiences and learning.

Meme Generation That Empowers The Future

The belief before now is that artificial intelligence will eliminate human employment in different work areas.  However, AiDoge is redefining the concept of AI and its capacity to make humans more productive. 

The project is revolutionizing our communication by inventing internet memes that influence content positively. It empowers users to develop unique memes as they enter text prompts. 

All you have to do is describe what you want in a text prompt, and AiDoge will complete the task of inventing the right memes.

Users can utilize AiDoge credits to generate memes. They can purchase credits using the $AI tokens on the platform.  

Security Through Blockchain Smart Contracts

The AiDoge ecosystem is developed as a decentralized network. It combines blockchain technology and smart contracts ensuring the security of the platform.

The famous auditing company Certik has already fully audited AiDoge, and the results will soon be released. Users can safely stake their AI tokens without fear of vulnerabilities and bugs that could easily drain their funds. 

Also, being blockchain-based ensures the immutability and transparency of records and transactions on the network.

AiDoge Amazing Staking Game

The lucrative staking game on AiDoge gives the new meme project an attractive edge. Users can stake their AI tokens to receive rewards as passive income. The ecosystem already has a dedicated number of tokens as incentives for staking on the platform.

Users can generate memes by staking their AI holdings. The staking process also stands as a means of maintaining the stability and security of the network.

 It allows for speedy and seamless validation of transactions. Also, staking helps to boost the value of the AI tokens as it removes them from circulation temporarily.

How To Buy Aidoge

You can only buy AiDoge through the ongoing presale from its official website. The project has 21 billion AI tokens available for public purchase from the different stages of its presales. 

  • Get a Compatible Crypto wallet

Ai tokens are ERC-20 base. You can hold or store the coins in any ERC-20 compatible wallet, such as MetaMask. After getting your wallet, activate it before purchasing the tokens.

  • Fund your wallet with ETH, BNB, or USDT

Investors can buy AiDoge using ETH, BNB, or USDT tokens. So, you should fund your wallet adequately with the number of tokens to use for the payment. Remember to include more tokens that will cover the gas fee for your transaction.

 There’s also the option for beginners to buy AiDoge with their bank card. 

  • Connect your wallet to AiDoge Presale 

With your wallet ready, connect it to the AiDoge presale website and click on the relevant button for the payment option. Select your wallet type and confirm the selection through your wallet.

  • Buy AI Tokens

Enter the number of ETH, BNB, or USDT tokens for payment. The screen will immediately display the number of AI coins you will receive. Complete the process by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button. 

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