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Infernal Drainer Attacks Again – Steals 13 NFTs, Including A Cool Cat, On Blur

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Infernal Drainer, a crypto phishing service provider specializing in multi-chain scams, appears relentless in perpetrating attacks against non-fungible token collectors and crypto investors. In yet another attack, Infernal Drainer has just stolen thirteen NFTs on the Blur NFT marketplace.

Infernal Drainer Drains 13 NFTs

In an August 17 blog post, PeckShield, a blockchain security company that aims to elevate the security, privacy, and usability of the entire blockchain ecosystem, confirmed that Infernal Drainer has just disappeared with thirteen non-fungible token collections.

Data recorded on indicates that Infernal Drainer has stolen thirteen NFT collections, including Cool Cat # 9951, Ordinal Kubz #1785, Cool Pets #9951, Beanz #18726, Kubz #2532, Kubz # 7556, and ProjectPXN #1020 and several Shadow Wolves NFT Collections, on Blur.

Stolen NFTs

Source:, stolen NFTs

This is the second time in just two months Infernal Drainer has perpetrated attacks on crypto investors. In June, Infernal Drainer stole six non-fungible tokens, including Otherdeed for Otherside #55196, Moonbirds Oddities #1754, aKIDcalledBEAST #3974 and MERGE VV #3978 on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

What Is Infernal Drainer?

Inferno Drainer is a new phishing scam service provider which targets popular crypto projects on major blockchains. Scam Sniffer, a platform that identifies scams, recently linked the malicious software provider to thousands of scams resulting in the theft of several million dollars.

The security firm identified 4,888 victims who collectively lost over $5.9 million in crypto and NFTs. The scammer charges 20% to 30% of the stolen assets in exchange for their malicious software, which is used to create fraudulent websites.

The scammers targeted some of the most well-known brands in the crypto ecosystem, such as Pepe, Collab, Land, zkSync, MetaMask, and Nakamigos. In total, Inferno Drainer is reported to have created more than 700 phishing websites since March 27.

Infernal Drainer is not the only scam as a service platform in the crypto space. Earlier this year, Scam Sniffer identified another scam as a service platform called Venom Drainer. In April, the scammer drained $27 million from 15,000 victims, with the top five victims losing more than $14 million.

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