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In-Depth Analysis: Experts Discuss the Future of Cryptocurrency EVERMOON and Price Projection

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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In the evolving world of cryptocurrencies, EVERMOON has caught attention of investors and experts alike. 

The trajectory of EVERMOON has become a topic of discussion among crypto enthusiasts and professionals with its recent price correction and potential for future growth.

In this in-depth analysis, we delve into the perspectives of experts as they offer insights into the future of EVERMOON and share their price projections. 

By examining the factors that may influence its performance and considering expert opinions, we aim to understand EVERMOON’s potential trajectory in the crypto market comprehensively. 

Meanwhile, EVEVRMOON just concluded its token burn contest, where 293 individuals participated and burned over 1,000,000 tokens.

TokenSniffer Analysis on EVERMOON

According to Tokensniffer, data for the EVERMOON token indicates that the contract source has been verified. 

However, there is either no ownership renouncement or the source lacks an owner contract. Additionally, it states that the creator does not possess authorized special permission. 

These details highlight the transparency and authentication of the contract source while noting the absence of renouncement and special permissions.

Tokensniffer data revealed that a total of 13.66% of tokens have been permanently removed from circulation. Additionally, the circulating supply of EVERMOON tokens is reported to be 863,361,295.439.

In terms of token distribution, the creator wallet holds less than 5% of the circulating token supply, specifically 0.01%. This indicates that the creator’s share is relatively minimal compared to the overall circulating supply. 

Furthermore, all other holders, aside from the creator, possess less than 5% of the circulating token supply. According to the information, EVERMOON token is currently sellable and not categorized as a honeypot. 

This suggests that users can sell their EVERMOON tokens freely without any restrictions or concerns related to the token being a honeypot.

Furthermore, the buy fee for EVERMOON is less than 5%, specifically set at 5%. Similarly, the selling fee for EVERMOON is also less than 5% set at 5%. 

This implies that when buying or selling EVERMOON tokens, the fee incurred is below 5% of the transaction value.

Smart Contract Analysis Platform Unveils Key Details About Token EVERMOON

A popularly known analytical platform, and Ethereum (ETH) blockchain explorer Etherscan, have comprehensively reviewed the new token, EVERMOON.

This overview reveals the maximum token supply of the coin and the number of inbound and outbound transfers made so far. 

It also showed the current holders of the token and how much of the token they have accumulated. According to this culminated data from the platform, EVERMOON has a total supply of 1,000,000,000. 

Currently, the number of holders is at 5,710, with transactions at 48,773. This is a good sign of traffic on the platform, as investors are constantly making transactions using the token.

However, these transactions were mainly recorded among the top 100 holders of the token. From the list of the top 100 token holders, the first 10 wallets hold the most quantities by percentages.

Among these wallets on the list, a notable address ranked at the top of the holders list with a massive sum of 136,641,286.058369652524042375 tokens. 

This vast amount is approximately 13.6641% of the entire token supply in circulation. The second-ranked holder possesses about 2.0339% in the entire circulation, accruing 20,338,546.307333250469853997 EVERMOON tokens. 

Followed keenly is the third-ranked with 2.0214% of the total supply, which expands to 20,214,470.900697441683921922 worth of EVERMOON tokens.

Technical Review on EVERMOON Coin


According to the chart provided by Dextools, the asset experienced a significant event on June 28, as it broke a previously established bullish trendline chart pattern. 

This resulted in a notable price decline, with the asset reaching a low of 0.0178 on June 29. However, subsequent price action suggests a reversal in sentiment, as the bulls regained momentum and successfully pushed the price higher.

Currently, the asset is exhibiting a bullish trend, with the price movements aligning closely with a trend line acting as a reliable support level. 

Additionally, there appears to be a strong support level at 0.01964, which has proven to be a significant area where buyers have consistently entered the market, potentially providing additional stability and buying opportunities.

Moving Average & MACD Signals Bullish Momentum


Currently, the asset is trading above the moving average indicator, which suggests a bullish sentiment in the market. This indicates that the asset’s price generally trends higher than the average price over a specified period. 

Traders often interpret this as a positive signal, indicating potential upward momentum and an opportunity for buying. Also, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is above the signal line, suggesting a bullish sentiment.

This indicates that the asset is experiencing a bullish momentum, and it presents a potential buy opportunity for investors and traders in a short timeframe.

In addition, the histogram bars are above zero and show green candles. This further confirms the bullish pressure present in the asset. 

Traders and investors should exercise caution and conduct comprehensive research, including the analysis of additional indicators and confirmation from other sources, before making any investment decisions based on the chart patterns and support levels identified.

EVERMOON Has Potential to Pump Like SAFEMOON, JPark Analysis


In a recent tweet on June 27, prominent crypto enthusiast JPark highlighted the price movement of the cryptocurrency SAFEMOON. 

JPark mentioned a 60% correction within the first six weeks, followed by a substantial increase of nearly 2000% over the subsequent 35 days. 

The user also drew attention to EVERMOON, which has currently experienced a 50% correction. According to JPark, if EVERMOON followed a similar pattern, it could see a 2000% increase, resulting in a token price of around $0.27.

However, historical performance does not guarantee future outcomes, particularly in digital currencies’ highly volatile and unpredictable world.

EVERMOON Token: Unique Features and Insights for Potential Investors

Adjustable Tax Rates:

EVERMOON’s ability to adjust tax rates further enhances its attractiveness in the market. This feature fosters increased interest and attracted a growing number of buyers and investors.

The flexibility to modify tax rates adds a unique dynamic to EVERMOON’s value proposition.

Open-Source Transparency:

Dexscreener classified EVERMOON as an open-source token, making its code and technical details publicly accessible. This transparency allows anyone to view, inspect, or contribute to the development of EVERMOON.

Open-source status instills trust and confidence among investors, highlighting the project’s commitment to transparency.

No Proxy Account Complexity:

Dexscreener noted that EVERMOON operates without a proxy account, simplifying the transaction process and minimizing complexity.

This absence of a middleman or delegate streamlines interactions and ensures a straightforward user experience.

Price-Sustaining Mechanism:

Dexscreener’s data revealed that EVERMOON has a price-sustaining mechanism that prevents a wallet from selling all its assets at once.

This mechanism helps maintain price stability by avoiding sudden large-scale sell-offs.

Anti-Whale Mechanism:

Dexscreener’s analysis uncovered an anti-whale mechanism embedded within EVERMOON’s smart contract. This feature restricts the maximum token amount or transactions associated with a single address.

The anti-whale mechanism promotes a more equitable distribution of tokens and helps mitigate the influence of large-scale investors on the market.

Blacklisted Wallet Awareness:

Dexscreener drew attention to a notable issue, indicating that EVERMOON has a blacklisted wallet.

Blacklisted addresses are restricted from engaging in token transactions due to their association with suspicious or fraudulent activities. This precautionary measure helps protect the integrity and security of LUMI’s ecosystem.

In conclusion, EVERMOON token’s unique features, including its adjustable tax rates and open-source transparency, make it an appealing investment option. 

The absence of proxy accounts, price-sustaining and anti-whale mechanisms, and caution against blacklisted wallets contribute to its credibility and investor confidence. 

These insights from Dexscreener provide valuable information for potential investors to consider when evaluating the asset’s potential in the market.

EVERMOON Alternative

Ecoterra is a global initiative dedicated to preserving the environment by implementing the Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) program. This program aims to motivate individuals to participate in recycling activities by providing rewards as incentives. 

Pollution has become a major issue that adversely affects plants, animals, and humans today. To combat this problem, Ecoterra plans to introduce a mobile application that allows users to track their recycling efforts. 

Ecoterra strives to address pollution through effective waste management practices such as recycling and waste reduction. Users will receive rewards based on the items they recycle using the app.

Furthermore, users can earn ECOTERRA tokens by participating in the Carbon offset program. These tokens allow users to engage in various activities within the ecosystem. 

The presale period for these tokens began on March 29, 2023, and is quickly coming to a close. Acquiring these tokens is a simple process, as they can be obtained using USDT, ETH, or bank cards.

Impressively, $ECOTERRA has surpassed the $5 million milestone and is on the cusp of reaching its target of $6.7 million. This achievement underscores the project’s significance to both investors and the environment. 

Despite growing concerns and uncertainties, investors are actively acquiring tokens as the presale reaches its conclusion. Each token is currently valued at $0.01, and the presale is in its final stage, stage 9. 

The listing price of Ecoterra is $0.01, potentially leading to even higher selling prices soon. The project’s environmental impact cannot be overstated, as it represents a strong commitment to a sustainable and healthy future. 

The roadmap indicates that users will earn rewards for participating in eco-friendly activities such as beach cleaning and tree planting. 

Ultimately, Ecoterra’s primary goal is to significantly reduce carbon emissions and replace carbon-based fuels with renewable energy sources, as its Carbon offset program exemplifies.

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